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Shot. When he turned he couldn't see anything but Oh God now he could feel it, pain shooting through his side. Rated PG-13. 237 words.
Seems I Had My Mind On You. Charlie is killing him. Rated NC-17. 1727 words.
Sometimes So Sweet. Don thinks he can feel Charlie's pulse. Rated NC-17. 100 words.
I Want To Be Undone For You. Charlie is only dimly aware of the baseball game still playing on the TV. Rated NC-17. 100 words.
When I Come To You. "What do you want, Charlie?" Don whispers, low in his ear. Charlie groans, rocks back against him. Rated NC-17. 350 words.
As The Storm Descends. "You ruined my experiment," Charlie says. Don laughs. Rated PG. 100 words.
Miles To You. Lately Don's been catching himself staring too long. Rated PG-15. 400 words. Pre-slash.


Partners. Cooper misses Don. Rated PG-13. 100 words.
Smoke. Don tastes mostly the same when they kiss. Rated PG-13. 100 words.
Billy Cooper Is A Don H0r. "Like what you see?" Don asks, grinning playfully up at him. Rated PG-15. 100 words.
With Honors. "Good job, Eppes," he says in a low voice, clutching Don's forearm and leaning close before he can move away. "And may I say... You're looking damn fine in that suit, but I'd just as soon get you out of it." Rated NC-17. 2806 words. Co-written with [ profile] neur0vanity.
One Thing In Common. In spite of everything, Coop's surprised when it finally happens. Rated NC-17. 740 words. Also Coop/OFC.
Let's Get It On. Even in the dim light of the rest stop he could see that Coop was fading fast, both of them running on a few hours sleep and a shared pack of cigarettes. Rated NC-17. 1950 words.
Exhibit A. There's someone breathing with him. Rated PG. 200 words. Pre-slash.
*Bleep* Mountain! Don and Cooper take a vacation. Rated R. 2650 words.
You May Be Right. He can't stop thinking about it, about what people see when they look at him and Don. Rated R. 1108 words. Also Coop/OFC.
I Wish You Would. Don has a habit. Rated NC-17. 900 words.


Fast As You Can. "What are you making?" Rated PG. 150 words.
Howdy Pardner. "A cowboy theme?" Rated PG-13. 100 words.
Just Another Day. He'd heard the stories about Mildred Finch, of her amazing tracking and sniping skills. Rated PG-13. 1044 words.

Other Slash

Charlie/Anonymous: Give It A Shot. Cold, hard metal slides up along his thigh. Rated NC-17. 100 words. Gun!porn.
David/Charlie: Bound. The silk tied around his wrists is loose enough that Charlie knows he could slip free if he wanted to. Rated NC-17. 100 words.
Coop/Charlie: A Little Closer. Guess you miscalculated that 'shortcut,' Professor." Rated G. 100 words.
Don/Tim King: Pieing Up Baby. "Interesting design," Don murmured lazily. Rated PG-13. 100 words.


David/Colby/Megan: Again. If anything, Colby's the jumpy one. Rated R. 200 words. Sequel to Once More.
Don/Megan, Coop/Megan, Colby/Charlie, Colby/Coop: She Got The Way To Groove Me. If he's being honest, Coop would probably get along pretty well with Don under different circumstances. Rated PG-15. 253 words. AU.
Ian/Charlie, Don/Ian, Ian/Megan, Ian/Colby, Terry/Ian: Five Kinks People Assume Ian Has and One Surprising One He Does. Don knows about control, about giving it up sometimes. Rated hard R. 325 words. Warning: biting, mild bondage, breathplay, voyeurism, pegging.
David/Colby/Megan: Once More. Finally when he leans in to kiss her she wonders if they had this planned, the two of them, until she hears Colby whisper, "Jesus," in her ear, all shock and awe in his voice. Rated NC-17. 2426 words. Prequel to Again.

Isosceles 'verse (Don/Amita, Charlie/Amita)
('Verse Master Post)

Don't Make A Sound. His brother will never know. Rated PG-13. 100 words.
Telling Me It's Time. She can feel his eyes on her. Rated R. 100 words.
Over The Moon. At midnight, he leans over and presses a kiss to her lips. Rated PG. 100 words.
Everyone Knows Anything Goes. As soon as she's within reach, he grabs her arm and pulls her around the corner. Rated PG-13. 100 words.
Never Be Told. She trembles, already knowing it’s about his brother, already knowing something’s wrong. Rated PG. 100 words.


Grab On Tight. Don pushes Amita against the washers. Rated NC-17. 1536 words. Co-written with [ profile] neur0vanity.
Impromptu ficlet. He's experiencing the craziest, most intense math problem of his life, and he can't ask Charlie about it. Rated PG-15. 190 words. Also Charlie/Amita.
The Real Attraction Equation. Rated NC-17. WIP. Comment porn with [ profile] emmademarais.
After Math. He can feel her heart still pounding. Rated R. 100 words.


I Memorize And I Forget. Where have you always wanted to go? Pick a few countries. The trip's on me. Rated R. 630 words.
Save It Up. Charlie is dripping when Amita finds him. Rated PG. 100 words.


Turn Your Head. "You wore a skirt today, huh? Interesting." Rated PG-15. 300 words.
Tonight. He tells her on a Sunday. Rated PG. 725 words.
How I Used To. When she reaches his side she eyes the dead body and murmurs, "We have to stop meeting like this." Rated PG. 200 words.
Plenty Implied. She eyes the single bed ruefully. Rated PG. 100 words.
Straight to the Soul. The fan is whirring in the corner, blowing cool air through the stiflingly hot room. Rated PG-13. 100 words.


Winter Wonderland. Don woke up slowly. Rated PG-13. 100 words.
Set Us On Fire. The red silk rustles as it slips down her shoulders. Rated PG-15. 100 words.
Make You See. One more minute, she tells him, and he waits patiently. Rated PG-13. 100 words.


Better Take Note. It's the first time he's seen her apartment. Rated PG-13. 100 words.
Resolution. It's not his fault at ALL, because he was just STANDING here, minding his own business, munching on the chips and dip and sipping at his fruity drink and watching David try to flirt with a girl he thinks might be Don and Charlie's cousin across the room. Rated NC-17. 2121 words.


You've Got What Gets Me. After a couple of months he decided that it wasn't unreasonable to assume that she just happened to have the same shopping schedule as he did, nothing nefarious about it. Rated R. 1455 words.
(Every Time). He didn't tell David about her. Rated PG-13. 404 words. Sequel to You've Got What Gets Me.
Simply A Wow. "If that little compass you keep pulling out fails us, I think I can still construct a tent from tree bark and squirrel hide and we can make a weekend of it." Rated PG-15. 577 words. Sequel to You've Got What Gets Me and (Every Time).


Just A Little Off Course. They're the only car on the road and she lets her foot press a little heavier on the gas. Rated R. 300 words.
Second Look. In a few minutes she'll probably be sent to interview the victim's family or co-workers, run through the usual gamut of questions, ask about enemies or recent causes of stress. Rated R. 590 words.
Warm Me Up. Summer in L.A. has nothing on summer in D.C. Rated R. 150 words.

Other Het

Don/Unspecified female character: Roses So Red, Lilies So Fair. He's the only man she knows who would send her flowers without a note. Rated PG-15. 100 words.
David/Amita: Getting Closer Now. The rain starts up so suddenly that they get caught in it for a few minutes before they find shelter. Rated PG. 300 words.
Alan/Terry: Is This Seat Taken? "I don't understand," Charlie said. He squinted. "Is that my shirt?" Rated PG. 100 words.
Coop/OFC: One Thing In Common. In spite of everything, Coop's surprised when it finally happens. Rated NC-17. 740 words. Also Don/Coop.
OMC/Amita: Little Things You Hide. She doesn't know what she does to him. Rated R. 200 words.
Ian/Amita: I Thought You Needed A Permit For That Sort Of Thing. She hates herself for blushing. Rated PG-15. 100 words.
Colby/Megan: Believe In Me. Her bare toes dig into Colby's thigh. Rated PG. 100 words.
Colby/Nikki: Take You Home. "What are you doing tonight?" she asks. Rated NC-17. 500 words.
Alan/Margaret: Blue Clear. He can see Charlie and Amita lying out on the grass, heads tucked close together. Rated PG. 100 words. Also Charlie/Amita.
Unspecified couple: Like No Other. What she remembers is: The sharp, icy taste of the tequila and lime on her tongue. Rated R. 400 words.
Penfield/Amita: Need-To-Know. Fifteen minutes later the door closes again and two men walk downstairs and as she sinks down onto her bed, she knows. There's someone else. Rated PG-13. 2000 words. Pre-het.

Say It Again series (Megan/Amita) (Series Master Post)

Just Want You Near. "Just tell me." Rated PG-13. 100 words.
Falling Into Place. Megan almost thinks she won't answer. Rated PG-15. 100 words.
Anything You Say. She can't move. Rated PG-13. 100 words.
Hold Me Here. A flash of silver above her head. Rated NC-17. 150 words.


Secret Garden. "Don't worry," Liz murmured. "I'm really good at this." Rated G. 100 words.
Uncovered. She could see the smirk threatening to appear on his face. Rated PG. 200 words. Sequel to Secret Garden.
Put Your Eyes On Me. "Hey," she adds, voice going low. "I'm trying a new look." Rated R. 200 words.
Maybe You're My Good Luck Charm. Nikki shares her lucky charm with Liz. Liz reciprocates. Rated PG-13. 560 words.
Anchor. She lets it relax her.. Rated R. 100 words.

Other Femmeslash

Amita/OFC: 5 Things Amita Does to Forget Charlie. Brianna has curly hair. Rated PG-15. 200 words.

Mad Mission series (Megan) (Series Master Post)

Flying Blind. The man at the front desk barely spares her a second leer when she gives her fake name. Rated PG. 100 words.
Difficult Conditions. She raises an eyebrow and forces a smirk. Rated PG. 100 words.
Got The Ambition. She walks slowly to the foot of the bed. Rated PG-15. 100 words.
Sign Me Up. She doesn't have to use the mace. Rated PG. 100 words.

Other Gen

The Principal Is Your Pal. "...all my years of high school detention say I'm right." Rated PG-13. 100 words. Don.
Write Down Possibilities. She always said chocolate was better than flowers. Rated G. 100 words. Margaret.
A Life Lost. This meant he was alone, and she wasn't. Rated G. 100 words. Don, Kim.
Impromptu Crackfic. Don stared incredulously. Rated PG-13. 240 words. Don, Charlie.
Guaranteed To Satistfy. So freakin' hot. Rated G. 300 words. Coop, Don, baby.
Doing No Good. He never liked guns. Rated PG-15. 100 words. Charlie. Warning: unspecified fantasies involving guns.
Not Even One Tomato (She Must Have A Terrible Life). Megan donned a sympathetic expression for all of ten seconds. Rated G. 100 words. Megan, Colby.
Trusty Sidekick. He tries to relax. Rated PG. 100 words. David, Colby.
Never Had You. On Sunday he calls Charlie. Rated G. 100 words. Don, Charlie.
Time And Time Again. "It's different when it's your brother." Rated G. 100 words. Don, Terry, Charlie.
Biting My Tongue. They tell her who they're looking for and she goes blank. Rated PG. 100 words. Liz, Nikki, OFC.
Strongman. Sometimes they're cute, sometimes they're not. Rated G. 100 words. Don, Amita, baby.
Easy As. "It's impossible." Rated G. 100 words. Colby, Nikki.
Sunspots. "You have those coordinates set?" Coop asked. Rated G. 100 words. Coop, Charlie.
On My Way. When she goes home she takes off her boots. Rated G. 100 words. Liz.
Find X. Don followed Colby's gaze. Rated G. 100 words. Don, Colby, Charlie, David.
This Time. Don kept glancing over to check. Rated PG-13. 100 words. Don, Charlie.
Scrapbook. Four pages, four years. Rated G. 400 words. little!Don, little!Charlie, Margaret, Alan.
Keep Tryin'. You know, they don't even really celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Mexico. Rated G. 100 words. Nikki, Colby.
Safe. He hears shouts and a door slam. Rated PG-13. 200 words. Charlie, Don, Liz. Sequel to This Time.
Christopsomos. "That's a... beautiful bread, Millie," Don choked out. Rated PG-13. 457 words. Millie, Robin, Liz, Colby.
Over Again. She has sort of a ritual the day a big trial starts. Rated R. 570 words. Nadine.


Breathless and Trembling. Dean turned his face into the pillow, curling away from Sam. Rated NC-17. 323 words.
Whatever I Knew. The cabin was old but sturdy and very, very abandoned. Rated PG-13. 1215 words.


No Rest At All In Freedom. She thinks, suddenly, that she'll have to make him dinner, and oh, Lord, what is he doing here anyway? Rated PG-13. 1125 words.


your touch is with me always, burnt into my skin. Red construction paper hearts his father had to help him cut out. Rated G. 100 words.


Sooner Or Later. Jo is blonde like she is. Rated NC-17. 150 words.


Chocolate. Dean's mouth quirks into a smile. "Everybody likes you, Sammy." Rated PG. 840 words. Dean, Sam.
On The Road (default icon drabble). Traveling across the country no longer holds any romance for Sam. Rated G. 100 words. Sam.
Alma Mater. "Yesterday was the Big Game." Rated PG. 255 words. Sam, Dean.
We Can Be Like They Are. When Joshua tells Sam about the faith healer, he knows better than to not investigate. Rated G. 100 words. Sam.
Only To See You Live To Regret. By the end of the night, she lets him hold Jo. Rated G. 100 words. John, Ellen, baby!Jo.
Until It Sleeps. The first week she spends arguing with him as he urges her to go home; he loses every fight. Rated PG. 800 words. Dean, Sam, Jo, baby.
Play It Again. The band plays regular, every Frid'y, uh huh, and I come see 'em every week, too. Rated G. 200 words. Dean, Sam.
Zanahorias. Everybody knew the white kid's name, and it was kind of okay, even if he could tell they were joking about him in rapid-fire Spanish sometimes. Rated PG. 800 words. Dean, OCs.
Now You Know. She ignores the pain. Rated PG. 100 words. Jo.
Cut and Dry. Sam worked the shampoo into his hair, smiling to himself. He had a good feeling about today. Rated PG-13. 200 words. Sam, Dean.
Ain't Lonely. When Sam gets back from scoping out the building, Dean has made himself comfortable in the grass. Rated G. 356 words. Sam, Dean.


Jared/Jensen (Supernatural)

Untitled Airport Porn. Jensen's been a bitch about this whole thing, and yeah, okay, Jared's tired, too, and he realizes it's an inconvenience, okay, but why does Jensen always have to look on the bad side? Rated NC-17. 1830 words.
One For Every Year (part 1/2). Jared likes presents. Rated PG. 430 words. FYI: Part 2 of this will probably never be written. Whoops!
See The One Beside You. They say his name and he can only sit there at first. Rated PG-13. 100 words.

Joe/Nick (Jonas Brothers)

Road Trip. "Let's go," Joe says. "You need, uh, practice driving." Rated PG. 470 words. Pre-slash, could be read as gen.

Adam/Kris (American Idol)

The Way You Shine. Kris has a surprise for him. Rated PG-13. 360 words.

Jo/Amita (femmeslash)

Everything Nice. She thinks of her mother's kitchen, sugar cookies baking on an early winter morning. Rated G. 100 words.
This Very Minute. "I thought you might be hungry." Rated PG-13. 200 words.
Sunkissed. Jo's never known anyone with an actual picnic basket before. Rated PG. 300 words.
What Do You Hear In These Sounds, 1/?. Their first encounter. Rated PG-13. 600 words.
What Do You Hear In These Sounds, 2/?. Some part of Amita just can't let this girl disappear on her own into the night. Rated PG-13. 600 words.

Unspecified fandom:

Untitled pegging fic. "I love you like this," she murmurs against his back. Rated NC-17. 140 words.
Come Alive. Her mouth chases her fingers. Rated NC-17. 100 words. (Prequel to Untitled pegging fic).

Original fic:

Untitled original fic. She struggles, God, pushes and claws and kicks and shoves against him. Rated R. 350 words. Warning: violence.
Beaten Path. He knows exactly where she's taking him. Rated PG-13. 600 words. OMC/OFC.

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