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Confession(s): I wrote this last night after drinking half a bottle of zinfandel, and I usually don't post WIPs but, you know, I'm trying to pad my end-of-the-year word count, here. Heh.

I don't remember now exactly how the idea for this pairing came about, but I can definitely tell you I wouldn't have pursued the pairing or the story idea without the encouragement of my beloved [ profile] leda_speaks. ♥ I was also probably inspired to start thinking about these ladies again by [ profile] emmademarais and [ profile] rodlox's recent birthday fics. Thanks, guys. :-)

Title: What Do You Hear In These Sounds, part 1/?
Pairing: Jo Harvelle/Amita Ramanujan
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Their first encounter.
Word Count: 592
Spoilers: none specifically, but this takes place a while after the end of Season 2 of SPN.
Warnings: mild demon-related violence.
Notes: Unbetaed. Drunken writing. WIP. Numb3rs/Supernatural crossover.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, nor do I profit from their use here. If their rightful owners are unhappy about this fic, well, they should've gone and given these characters a cool demon- and cupcake-filled lesbian storyline themselves, okay?
[Part 2]

It's so late, and she's so tired, that Amita thinks she's imagining it when she hears a loud thump in the classroom next to her office. She pauses, stilling her highlighter mid-sentence and cocking her head to listen. Almost immediately she hears a crash and what sounds like a woman's voice.

Her heart racing, she grabs her cellphone and a heavy textbook--the closest thing to a weapon she has, just in case--and opens the door. The hallway is deserted, silent, but the door to the classroom next-door is open a few inches, and she makes her way toward it.

When she steps inside the room, her feet crunch on something; she looks down to see salt, or sugar, or something similarly granular, underfoot, but before she can think of an explanation she senses movement and snaps her head up to find a young blonde staring at her from across the room.

"Hi--" she starts, but she hears almost a... hissing noise, and she cuts herself off, looking around the room. Several of the chairs are tipped onto their sides, and one of the bookcases has toppled over. Amita furrows her brow in concern, wrapping her fingers tighter around the cellphone in her hand. "Uh--"

The girl opens her mouth, but before she can get a word out she slides up the wall, her eyes bugging out like some invisible hand is choking her, legs kicking helplessly.

Amita thinks she might faint. She drops her phone, barely noticing as it breaks into pieces, her eyes locked on the girl. She pinches herself. Nothing happens.

She's panicking but she realizes suddenly that the girl is pointing to the desk at the front of the room, to a plastic bottle sitting on it, and hesitantly Amita walks over and picks it up. Written directly on the plastic in permanent marker is, Holy Water. "What..." she whispers. She doesn't know what to do with it. She still feels like she's in a dream. The girl is choking, gasping for breath, but she brings her hands up to peel at the invisible fingers clutching her neck and pulls them away long enough to choke out, "Throw it."

Amita doesn't know if she means to throw the bottle or its contents, but she hardly has the time to make an educated decision, so she tosses the bottle across the room and hopes for the best. Miraculously, the girl catches it. She unscrews the top and splashes the contents into the air in front of her, where the water turns to steam with an angry hiss, and instantly she falls to the floor.

"Oh!" Amita says, wide-eyed, but the girl ignores her, reaching into an army-green duffel bag on the floor and pulling out a shotgun. "Oh," Amita says.

"Get out of here," the girl says, but she doesn't point the gun at her and Amita feels frozen in place.

The girl shoots into the air and then rummages in the bag for a book, flipping for a page and proceeding to chant something in what sounds like Latin. A small pool of light appears in the floor and a wind picks up, and Amita hears a shriek from somewhere as the light closes in on itself in a whirlpool. Finally, the girl drops the book, and drops to her knees.

"Oh my god," Amita says, "What was that?"

The girl raises her head and meets her gaze, her eyes burning into Amita's, and for the first time, Amita realizes that she's beautiful.
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