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[ profile] emmademarais wrote me this super cute, funny Bones fic for Christmas of last year, and I looove it a lot so I wanted to make sure I posted about it!

And Only Sawdust Crumbs Remained (Temperance, Angela, Zach, Jack, Seeley, PG). A strange holiday gift arrives at the Jeffersonian and perplexes the squints.

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Law & Order started up tonight! I had almost forgotten how unbelievably hot I find Cyrus Lupo. I think half of it is the beard, not gonna lie. Nnngh.

...I've been Googling for pictures of Jeremy Sisto I can spam you with and just found one of him playing guitar (!) and two of him resting his hand on Keri Russell's pregnant belly (!!!!!!), so, um. *dies*

Okay, here are the top four hottest male characters on TV, to ME. By "hottest" I mean these are the ones who DO THINGS to me whenever I see them. *cough*

in no particular order )

I don't feel like cutting for spoilers, so I'll be vague, but there was a particular moment on Bones tonight which I enjoyed very much! If you saw it (and know me) I'm sure you can figure out which moment it was. :-)


May. 19th, 2008 09:01 pm
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May. 13th, 2008 01:07 am
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I just finished watching tonight's Bones, and holy shit I could barely pry my hand away from where it was clapped over my mouth, and I'm still catching my breath.


(Holy shit!)
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THAT scene from tonight's Bones )
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Haha, somehow in the four days since I signed up, I managed to forget about [ profile] numb3rs_newyear, so I got all confused when I saw the e-mail about it. But anyway, yes. I've got my assignment. It's... not like what I usually write, so this will be interesting. :-)

So one good thing about Reaper airing the second episode last night was that just-barely spoilers )

And in other Tuesday night TV, WHO SAW THE PROMO FOR NEXT WEEK'S BONES? OMG. It's like they let ME write it or something. ;-) There was much gaping and pointing at the TV. Haha. And of course, there was spoilers )

I'm going to make pecan pie for Thanksgiving, which hopefully will turn out good even though I've never made it before. :-) I'll probably make it, or at least the dough, today. After school.

Last night I had a ridiculously hard time sleeping. I went to bed early--around 11:00--and laid there tossing and turning till I finally checked the time and saw that it had been almost an hour. Then, I'm sure that I must have drifted off some, but I think it was a light sleep, and I was awake again at 3:00 and at 6:00. :-/ This morning I don't really feel less rested than usual, though, which probably just says something about my normal sleep habits. :-)


Nov. 13th, 2007 11:21 pm
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So APPARENTLY, when you're a whiny drama queen, you get PIE. Thank you, Anonymous! It looks delicious. :-D *big kisses*

Today was pretty alright. I met up with my classmate Nicole an hour before Spanish and we did some homework together. Class was okay, though there were a lot of "no se"s from me. ;-) Then history was pretty boring, but I did some nice doodling, ha. I met up with Nicole again at 5:40 after our second classes and we went out to dinner at this amazing West African restaurant that I'd never been to. Holy shit, it was delicious. Fried plantains, mmmm. Then we went to a cafe and did some more studying and then I went home and watched Bones reaction ) and Reaper reaction ) And I ate a brownie. I forgot to tag that onto my whiny post the other night: I made a triple recipe of brownies but only doubled the sugar. Oops. :-/

And now I'm pretty tired, so I'll be going to bed soon. OH, haha, I started this totally ridiculous Colby/Mary Sue supermarket fic before history that is SO awful and ridiculous that none of you will ever read it, I guarantee you. But it kind of made me laugh. :-)

Oh, and I got my history quiz back with an A- on it. Aaand, let's see, what else... Yeah, I think I got nothing. Tomorrow I'll get my Judaism test back. On Thursday I have a Spanish test.

Oh, I know what else! To make this post even remotely fun! I am so in love with Steve Carlson, you guys. (Warning: link is image- and video-intensive. Not dial-up friendly at all.) ETA: Also! More Steve (fewer pictures on this one.) I want to maaaarry him, you guys! *yearns*
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Just a couple notes on each...

Intern in the Incinerator )

(Haha, I'm watching Family Guy right now. It's a very funny show.)

Love, Bullets and Blacktop )

ETA: Oh, and also: )

(Hahaha... "You look like Snoopy and it makes me smile...")

Oh. You guys. This girl in my Spanish class had never heard of Hanson. :-( And she's only a year younger than me! Which, yeah, is kind of young, but... Who doesn't know MMMBop? :-/ But in good news, I lent my SPN S1 DVDs to another classmate. \o/

My icon makes me want SPN/Bones crossovers.


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