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If you read my fic it probably won't surprise you to learn that I enjoy a ridiculous romance novel every now and then. My local library has a shamefully small collection of Susan Elizabeth Phillips books, so I did the obvious thing and, uh... just ordered six of her books from for 75 cents each. \o/

I am new to this genre, though, so:

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Brrr, it's like 50 degrees here.
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So, on the ONE hand, I have like, idk, a good 15 episodes of various TV shows to catch up on. But on the OTHER hand, I just realized that I have time to read books! For fun! So, I'm going to go take a quick shower and then head to the library. Sweet!

(I did watch a couple of things last night, though. I found Parks and Recreation 1x01 DELIGHTFUL, plus I was thrilled that Amy Poehler's character had America's Women displayed prominently on the shelf behind her desk, AND that the episode passed the Bechdel test.

I also watched The Mentalist 1x18, which was... weird?)
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I need someone to tell me exactly how worried I should be that LJ will disappear. I am all foggy-headed and sick (whine whine whine) and can't quite convince myself to be concerned at the moment.

I'm reading Match Me If You Can (very fluffy, very fun), and the guy in it reminds me of Don Draper so that I hear Don's voice every time this guy has a line of dialogue. And then because of that the lady reminds me of Peggy. It's a little awkward.
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I'm home! Whew. ramblings about family, The Holiday and The Nativity Story, and various trip things )

So, I still have a number of Christmas presents to get for people. I have a gift card for my dad, a bowl for my brother, a necklace for my friend, but nothing yet for my sister or my mom. Damn. The bowl and the necklace kind of feel like half-gifts, also, so I kind of want to get a few more things for them.

I'm hungry. I'mma go find something to eat, and then... maybe go out to find presents, or else I'll stay here and continue catching up on the flist. Heh. :-)


Nov. 6th, 2006 04:46 pm
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My daddy just bought me a book! It's a bigass (as in, like, 500 pages) collection of American Indian myths and legends, and it looks very cool. It's funny, because, while before Supernatural, I would have been interested, now there's this whole layer of, "Ooh, which of these can I turn into fanfic?"

There are ten parts: "Tales of Human Creation," "Tales of World Creation," "Tales of the Sun, Moon, and Stars," "Monsters and Monster Slayers," "War and the Warrior Code," "Tales of Love and Lust," "Trickster Tales," "Stories of Animals and Other People," "Ghosts and the Spirit World," and "Visions of the End."

I have a feeling finding inspiration for fanfiction is going to be really easy. :-) Yay!

In word count news (because apparently I've decided to treat my essay as a mini-NaNoWriMo), I have 1129 so far, and my goal is 2200. It's 4:45 on Monday afternoon right now, and I have until, ohh... about 11:45 tomorrow morning. That's, like, 19 hours. (almost wrote "hors," heh.) I can do it. Yes. Really.
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whining about family )

So let's see, in other news... my class was canceled yesterday, so I went to the library with no time constraints and spent about an hour and a half there browsing the catalog and shelves. I left with 8 books, even though the past few books I've checked out I haven't even read before they were due, and I already had a very neglected-looking library book at home. *headdesk*

But! They look interesting! One is about abortion and Catholicism, a couple are about women and violence (women as victims and perpetrators), and thanks to Supernatural I got a few books about various mythology, including one about Navajo myths, which brings me to the next thing I wanted to mention.

I've read (I think) every Tony Hillerman book published and they've made me fall in love with New Mexico and the Navajo myths and culture even though I've never been to NM and have never knowingly met a Navajo. So I already had a thing for NM, and THEN I found out that DON used to run the Albuquerque field office and!!! Now I want to write/read a Numb3rs/Hillerman crossover. I even kind of find Don/Chee hot.

The best thing is it's totally possible, because the FBI investigate all the federal crimes that take place on tribal land, and in the books Chee (and to a lesser extent Leaphorn) have to deal with the FBI all the time. Like, whenever there's a murder. And there's this whole tension between the tribal police and the feds because they both want jurisdiction. (I think that's the word I'm looking for, yeah?)

I am going to ignore the fact that this could easily include the Winchester boys because if I think about that my HEAD will explode.

There's this whole aspect of OMG it gets HOT in New Mexico and Don would have his collar unbuttoned and his sleeves rolled up, or he'd be in jeans and a t-shirt and... I'm so shallow.


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