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I don't know if I'll have time to play there much today, but there are some beautiful picspams up over at [ profile] we_are_numb3rs, so check them out if you are so inclined! :-)
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There's a poll at E!Online in which Supernatural and Community are up against each other for Best TV Show of 2010. (My loyalties have shifted such that I voted for Community, obviously.) Right now it's at Community 49.4% and SPN 50.6%, so I suppose it's ~anybody's game~ although I'm pretty sure SPN fans are a lot crazier than Community ones. Anyway, the point of this post is that I scrolled down to check out the comments on the poll and once again was startled at how fucking SRS BSNS this kind of thing is to some people. Yikes.

But my blueberry pancakes turned out tasty. :-)
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Haha, oh man, I just had a midterm and that was NOT enough time for that many questions. Usually I'm one of the last to leave during exams, but this time there were still a lot of people there up to the last minute, so I know that OBJECTIVELY it was not enough time. Yikes. But I don't care! I'm just happy to be done with it. :-)

In other news, the [ profile] numb3rs_awards winners were announced today, and I won Best Het Series for You've Got What Gets Me et al., which is pretty crazy because those are some of the most purely self-indulgent fics I've ever written, haha. Anyway, I'm very pleased that other people liked them, too. ♥

Aaaand, I have a bunch of fandom ROCKSTARS on my flist, and don't even have time to name all the people who won things, so everybody who won and/or was nominated, please pat yourself on the back for me! :-)
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These two "scientists" are "researching" fanfiction through some sort of survey or what have you. IT IS VERY CONTROVERSIAL. (Mostly because their methods/motivations are highly suspect and they are being called on their shenanigans).

ANYWAY. I spent some time earlier this evening reading up on it (but omg there are a LOT of posts about it, so I only skimmed the surface), and it gave me this warm fuzzy feeling because basically I got to read all these fandomers being super smart and academic and clever and awesome! "YAY, fandom!" I thought to myself. "This is what makes you so GREAT, truly."

And then, scrolling down the list of links, suddenly there were two places where people had written fic SLASHING THE SCIENTISTS. Hahaha. And again, I thought, "YAY, fandom. THIS is what makes you so great. Along with being smart and awesome."

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Sorry for the double-post, but. You know how, like... there's some bad fanfic on LJ, and then there's a lot of bad fanfic on, and a LOT of bad fanfic on Well, I had forgotten about its existence, but my FAVORITE place for bad fanfic is the IMDb message boards. For example: His unknown daughter, Ch. 1 at the Joe Jonas board. (Confession: one reason this is hilarious to me is that this is TOTALLY the exact type of awful fic I would write about 'N Sync when I was 10. Fantastic.)

I had a story I was writing where JC broke his leg and so (OBVIOUSLY) the band decided to temporarily replace him, but for some reason--i.e. because I needed a Mary Sue--they replaced him with a woman. She just happened to be an ex-girlfriend of JC's (hahaha, oh god) and I THINK there was a secret pregnancy involved but I can't remember! In any case, in the story I think maybe there was something going on between her and Justin... but also something with JC? idek. OH. And I don't remember what her name was, but her initials were ALSO JC. ISN'T THAT CLEVER? Oh man.

I hope you guys appreciate the level of TRUST involved in my confessing that to you.
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YOU GUYS. LOOK. Just because a fic contains content which deems it eligible to be posted at ONE MILLION DIFFERENT COMMS, does not mean that you should POST IT TO ALL OF THEM.

Think about it this way: There were 13 fics listed in [ profile] numb3rs_news tonight. If every one of those was crossposted to 4 comms (which I can basically guarantee you would be possible given the proliferation of specialized Numb3rs comms), that would be 52 posts for me the newsletter editor to wade through. When you consider that a lot of fics are posted to as many as SIX OR SEVEN different comms, the number rises EXPONENTIALLY.

I'm not going to sugarcoat this: That much crossposting is ANNOYING AS FUCK. STOP DOING IT.

Comments disabled because I don't really care to have a discussion about this. Sorry if that's bitchy! You can always e-mail me if you have something to say.
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Ahahaha, why would you post a crossover to a community for one of the fandoms without identifying the other fandom or even actually stating that it's a crossover?? We don't all watch One Tree Hill, yo.

In other news, I have until 5 to finish the essays I've been procrastinating on, ahhh. *dies*

(I think I can do it, actually. I just don't particularly want to.)
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I don't understand why people in fandom have such a hard time saying "that isn't my thing" instead of "EW." Like, if *I* can say it for things like figging (haha) and prolapse fic, why can't other people say it for things like het and wincest? It's not hard!
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[ profile] sororcula's brilliant plan for continued (heh) mental and physical health: Get more than 5 hours of sleep, good Lord.

I had the hardest time getting to sleep last night. PARTLY because of the Jared/Sandy business (which I found upsetting and forced myself to stop reading about at, like... 10--and of course now half the posts are deleted, haha) but partly I just felt achy and crappy and restless and awake. AND! I had started reading this fic... Full Moon, Fast Cars by cottonmouth, and after trying to go to sleep I finally ended up turning on my computer again and finishing it. But hey, at least I didn't read the sequel yet. Heh.

Now I desperately need a shower, and assuming that wakes me up a bit, I think this will hopefully be a good day. As long as I stay away from the Internet. (Which I pretty much intend to do.)

What are y'all's plans for today?

ETA: I realized I should probably mention that the fic I linked to there is a non-wincestuous Sam/Dean AU, and it includes some underage (16-year-old )student/teacher action and non-sexual father/son child abuse, in case any of those things squick people. (But it's really good and you should totally read it.)
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Please go here, if you haven't already:

(Thanks to [ profile] affectingly for the link.)


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