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I am curious (and hungry)! What are you having (or have you already had) for dinner tonight? Feel free to share recipes if they are easy and vegetarian. Haha.

NGL, pretty much everything I've eaten at home the last few weeks has come out of the freezer. :-/ Whoops.

(Haha, oh no, [ profile] elysium1996 will put on her nutritionist cap now and lecture me... SIGH.)

I was going to talk about TV shows here, but instead I think I will close with,
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Twitter is finally letting me post again! Whew.

I love when I click on a recipe at foodgawker and discover it's not in English. Even though there's usually a little Google translate button on the side, I like to check it out in the original language first to see how much of it I can figure out. For example: Tikka Masala currypasta. One of my few words of Dutch just happens to be knoflook, which is the first ingredient! I am ONE STEP CLOSER to making this recipe!

I'm tired today. I accidentally got Waitress from Netflix (i.e. I had added it to the queue a long time ago and forgot to move it down even though I didn't feel like watching it yet), so I might watch that this afternoon. I've heard good things about it! And I know it has lots of pie in it. Hmm.

What are you up to today?


Feb. 9th, 2009 07:56 pm
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I don't have a paid account so I can't do a real poll, but please indulge me for a moment by commenting with your answer to this VERY IMPORTANT POLL. I beg of you.

Question #1: Have you been known at one time or another to eat your grilled cheese sandwiches with ketchup?

B. NO.
C. OTHER (please elaborate).

Question #2: Do you find the concept of eating a grilled cheese sandwich with ketchup normal/acceptable?

B. NO.
C. OTHER (please elaborate).

Question #3: Have you witnessed others eating their grilled cheese sandwiches with ketchup?

B. NO.
C. OTHER (please elaborate).

Tell your friends to tell their friends, as Jensen would say! I am trying to figure out how common this is, because I only found out today that there are people in the world who think this is ODD. Please feel free to add any additional details in your comment, e.g. where you have witnessed this practice (in diners, at home?), etc.
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Hmm, I am trying to decide what to make for dinner. Besides this, I mean.
sororcula: ([mentalist] Van Pelt men's room back-up) this week's episode of Psych was written specially for all the Shawn/Lassiter shippers, right? Because, wow.

Unrelatedly, somebody told me about yesterday and it is pretty much my new favorite website. The best part is the fandom-related posts I've found. Like Twilight cupcakes and Friday Night Lights cake! ♥
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Is it weird that I just clicked on the cut to a post about "the best pot roast" and immediately thought, "Aw, no pictures?" I feel like, as a vegetarian, maybe that's an inappropriate response. Or even action in the first place. Why am I clicking on pot roast recipes? I don't know.

Do not have cable, and therefore have not yet seen tonight's Leverage. I'll have to download it tomorrow and watch it... sometime. I watch too much shit with my parents, man. It means that I always have to wait for them to catch up on anything.

Merlin is all mine, though. I started watching it a couple days ago. My dad caught a few minutes of it over my shoulder and was not impressed. I believe the phrase "Camelot 90210" was uttered. LOL.

I watched The Mentalist and spent the whole episode distracted by Van Pelt being pretty. I want a whole long fic about how hot she is--I don't even care who she's paired with.

Oh, shit, is tomorrow night the last Friday Night Lights of the season? Oh God. I need to catch up on the last two. I feel like otherwise I'm bound to be spoiled for something after the finale. Meep.
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I discovered earlier that a Certain Person on my flist who shall remain nameless has never eaten hummus or falafel! And... didn't really even know what they were! So that got me wondering:

[Poll #1235198]

Re: question 4, if your answer is vegetarian, please feel free to give me the recipe. :-D


Apr. 29th, 2008 10:28 am
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I'm writing up an oral presentation about pupusas and it's making me SO HUNGRY, even though I just ate a little while ago.
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So [ profile] mercilynn and [ profile] mustangcandi both posted "You know you're from [place] when..." lists, and it prompted me to Google "You know you're from California when," which... did not give me very many good results. A lot of them seemed very SoCal-centric. :-) But, anyway, one item that made me laugh was, "You know how to eat an artichoke."

But then [ profile] mercilynn said she wasn't sure she'd ever eaten an artichoke, and so I was wondering if this one was TRUE. So:

Do you know how to eat an artichoke? Have you ever eaten one? (And have you ever tried scraping out the choke with a fork instead of a spoon? Oy.)

Sorry, I don't have a paid account so I can't do a real poll. I would, otherwise! I am very curious about this, now.

(And I mean... I know artichokes are grown in CA, but I guess I figured... we export them, right? They cannot ALL be eaten in-state.)

This post made me hungry.


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