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New mood theme! Coach and Mrs. Taylor plus Matt and Julie. ♥ I'm on an icon-downloading kick, too, but I haven't uploaded any new ones yet. Who knows, maybe next I'll even change my journal layout! Anything could happen!

You guys should check out the Awesome Ladies Ficathon if you haven't. There's some excellent fic in there. The kind of fic that makes me stare hopelessly at a blank document in my word processor, because I've suddenly realized that I can't write for shiiiit in comparison. Fortunately I am choosing to take this as inspiration to, you know, better myself! Rather than curl up in despair or go cry in the shower or whatever.

Okay, that is... far too much computer time for today, so I'm going to go get dressed and go outside for some fresh air.

(OH, but before I do that, did you guys watch Leverage?? So excellent.)
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Okay, so I think that this Dockers campaign is really disgusting and awful and sexist and harmful and the company should be ashamed of itself!

But. There are people in the comments there at [ profile] ontd_political who keep saying, "lol, khakis = real man, whut?"


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Is it weird that I just clicked on the cut to a post about "the best pot roast" and immediately thought, "Aw, no pictures?" I feel like, as a vegetarian, maybe that's an inappropriate response. Or even action in the first place. Why am I clicking on pot roast recipes? I don't know.

Do not have cable, and therefore have not yet seen tonight's Leverage. I'll have to download it tomorrow and watch it... sometime. I watch too much shit with my parents, man. It means that I always have to wait for them to catch up on anything.

Merlin is all mine, though. I started watching it a couple days ago. My dad caught a few minutes of it over my shoulder and was not impressed. I believe the phrase "Camelot 90210" was uttered. LOL.

I watched The Mentalist and spent the whole episode distracted by Van Pelt being pretty. I want a whole long fic about how hot she is--I don't even care who she's paired with.

Oh, shit, is tomorrow night the last Friday Night Lights of the season? Oh God. I need to catch up on the last two. I feel like otherwise I'm bound to be spoiled for something after the finale. Meep.
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Does J.D. McCoy on Friday Night Lights remind anyone else of Casey Affleck, or is it just me?
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So I finally watched LAST week's episode of Friday Night Lights and OMG I want so much J.D. McCoy fic now! Daaaaamn.

ALSO, Matt/Julie OTP omg. I looooove Julie this season, SO MUCH.

And now I'm going to be irresponsible and watch THIS week's episode instead of going to bed. \o/
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Watched Friday Night Lights 3x01. Discovered I still love Coach Taylor just as much as I ever did.

And TYRA, oh. I find her so compelling.
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Okay, first of all, sorry, I know this is like my FIFTH post today. I'm making up for my weeks of silence a while back, or something.

(I also apologize for posting a link to ONTD for like... the THIRD time today. But:) Zach Gilford a.k.a. Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights modeling CK for GQ. Holy shit. I didn't even recognize him at first. But then once I did, I looked through all the pictures and read through the comments and now I DESPERATELY want to watch FNL.

I might go dig out my S2 DVDs, even though it's 11 PM. Hmm...

Oh! I'm also happy this evening because 18/30 of the prompts at [ profile] numb3rs_het have been claimed. YAY. Though, this also means that I need to figure out what to write for mine. *ponders* I'm kind of surprised nobody's claimed this one:

22. Genius might be described as a supreme capacity for getting its possessors into trouble of all kinds. - Samuel Butler
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So, while I am certainly not posting my name at the Brutal Honesty Meme, I do find it kind of intriguing and so was reading the comments... until some goddamn bitch posted a SPOILER in [ profile] jelloh0530's thread. Goddamnit.

(I am really pissed about this, you guys! Ack.)

I should go immerse myself in FNL fandom instead, I guess. Because.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS GOT RENEWED (probably). I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about that. Or, you know, I was earlier, when I was in a good mood.

(Also. I discovered earlier that when I recently culled my icons, I removed all of my ANGRY ones. Apparently I thought I was a really happy, smiley person. But, um, MAYBE NOT.)

Anyway. I hadn't realized before this meme how insecure I am about LJ. I really kind of do want to know what people honestly think of me (because for whatever reason I keep thinking there must be things about me that people really HATE/are annoyed by), except that, you know... I cannot handle people saying mean things to/about me. Heh. I take this shit really personally; if I got some of the comments in that meme directed at me, I would be SOBBING right now.

I'm almost crying now anyway, but that's just... *handwave* One of those days. I'm like a toddler up past her bedtime, haha. Only... swearing more.

What was your FAVORITE thing about today? Mine was probably slashing these two cute guys on the bus this morning. All down hill from there, other than the FNL thing (which is omg so exciting!)


Feb. 9th, 2008 11:00 am
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I have this thing where... it's the weekend, you know, I just want to laze around and eat something and watch my soaps shows, but. I can't EAT while I watch HOUSE. It's just. A terrible idea. :-/ So then I have to decide if I want to eat first and be bored while I do it, or forgo my hunger and jump straight to House.


Also, I will be heartbroken if FNL is canceled. :-(
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Friday Night Lights is SO AWESOME, y'all.

Oh COACH. I ♥ you. And your wife. A lot. (A lot a lot).
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First of all, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, HOW ARE YOU SO AMAZING. I love this show so damn much. (It kept making my CRY tonight!)

All week I've been thinking, ohh, on Friday I'll do TONS of homework. It'll be GREAT. I didn't actually end up doing anything today. Except for reading one or two amazing SPN fics, but my teachers don't count that. :-( But I'll do some reading for school tonight. After I do my laundry.

Most importantly! [ profile] jmtorres posted this Numb3rs Overview over at [ profile] crack_van. In it she wrote:

My pet theory about why Amita has set aside various academic and career opportunities at other institutions in order to stay near Charlie is that she's an NSA agent assigned to babysit him and make sure he doesn't manage to get his extremely valuable brains blown out with all the crime-fighting. This theory is not particularly supported by canon and I mention it only in the hopes that someone will write me the story so I don't have to do it myself. *cough*

To which I say YES PLEASE. Who will write this? It's so PERFECT.
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Maaaaaan, why don't y'all watch FNL so I can squee over it with you??? OMG, MATT.
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Man, Numb3rs is really bringin' it this season. Nice!

In Security (oh, I see what they did there) )

Let's Get It On )

Haha, you guys, I'm totally making [ profile] mercilynn fall in love with Jensen AND Steve AND Jason AND Chris. *wins*
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Hahahaha, poor Coach. :-D


Oct. 20th, 2007 05:20 pm
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I should get dressed, shouldn't I. (It doesn't do to greet company in one's pajamas. *sigh*)

I'm a little disappointed to be missing the [ profile] n3_slashchat tonight, but OTOH I figure I'll be missing a lot of Amita hate, so. You guys know how I'm always the one sticking up for Amita when y'all start to rag on her? Go to town, tonight, and there'll be no, "Oh, come on, guys, I like her!" ;-)

Um, so yes. Clothes.

Oh! Tell me if you know where to find good icons, preferably of Jo, Dean, Sam, Jared, Jensen... BABIES... Umm. Yeah. I want icons of those things. Where should I look? Also any good FNL icons!! I <3 Matt Saracen. And Coach Taylor.

In fact, on a related note, spoilers for the last couple episodes of FNL )

So yes. Clothes.

Actually, I would love to make icons if I had the time to figure out how. Haha.
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Okay, first up is Numb3rs because it's fresh on my mind:

Numb3rs! )

I feel like I need a few minutes between FNL and N3, just to sit there and RECOVER. Shiiit. FNL always makes me cry, and tonight was no exception.

Friday Night Lights (includes spoilers for next week's promo) )

Okay, I think that's it. Overall a VERY satisfying night of television. Amazing. :-)
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Okay, first off: CHECK OUT MY ICON YOU GUYS. Finally, finally, finally I have an icon of Colby. I love him to PIECES. Um. It is POSSIBLE that I actually said "HI COLBY" when he appeared on the screen tonight. Stop looking at me like that. *cries*

So, yeah. I watched Friday Night Lights (reaction: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Numb3rs (reaction: Oh, COLBY. Oh, DAVID. Oh, DON. Oh, SHOW.) and I probably technically have longer reactions and Things To Say, but I'm a little tired right now so I think they'll have to wait for later! Like, tomorrow.

Last night I was in the worst mood ever (there were tears involved!) for no apparent reason, but I looked at some pictures of Frank Iero, read a bit of SPN fanfic, and went to sleep, and when I woke up I felt better. Then my sister called and I talked to her for about an hour and a half and I felt even better. Very calm. Tomorrow I'm going to go spend the day studying at her house, because I have a religions test on Monday and a Spanish test on Thursday.

I got an idea today for a Jo drabble, so maybe I'll go try to write that now and then go to bed.

P.S. in case you're wondering the keywords for this icon are "Colby sexy as fuck." :-D
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I kind of want to make cookies! It's all gray and cold outside... that's cookie-baking weather, right? HMM... I don't have chocolate chips, but I have a block of chocolate I could smash with a hammer. We do have chocolate chips! They were in the freezer. :-/ Or I could just make brownies...

You know what I want to do? Other than the cookie thing, I mean. I want to upload a collection of country music Every Person should have. I worry sometimes that there are people out there who don't know who I'm talking about if I mention Merle or Waylon. Um. Not that I really ever mention them. But it's the principle of the thing. But I also have a feeling nobody would download it. So never mind.

I realized earlier that one reason I always think Connie Britton looks so familiar is that she bears a certain resemblance to the receptionist at my dentist's office. :-/
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Scott Porter plays Jason Street on Friday Night Lights (which you should be watching if you're not, BTW!)

Scott Porter also, as I discovered today, plays Colin Thompson in Music and Lyrics (which I also recommend, if you like that sort of movie. I found it quite funny and enjoyable.)

I find this hilarious.

If you haven't seen Music and Lyrics, or you need a reminder of who Colin is (he's the cute one who had an oh-so-obvious gay affair with Hugh Grant back in their boyband days! or was I the only one who interpreted their relationship thusly?), I will attempt to embed a video under the cut.

(ETA: He's the first one singing in the clip. The guy with the sunglasses.)

Honestly, EVERYBODY should watch this... )

I've watched this half a dozen times today and it never gets old.

I also discovered that Kyle Chandler (Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights) was on Grey's Anatomy and had scenes with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Here's a clip from episode 3x17 (which I guess is the one where Meredith "dies" or something? I don't watch the show, I've just seen JDM's clips, heh) featuring two of TV's sexiest: (I would embed it but it won't let me. Trust me, though, you want to click on the link.) :-)

The awesome thing? I had hankerings for SPN/FNL crossovers involving Coach and Papa Winchester (not necessarily in a slashy way! Just! Interacting!) before I realized that grumpy dude from the Grey's Anatomy clips was Kyle Chandler.

As if having Adrianne Palicki on the show wasn't enough crossover temptation.

Alright, now I need to go get ready for bed and then find that Dean Winchester/Tim Riggins fic I know is out there somewhere...


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