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PSA: Hanson has a new album out today called "Shout It Out" and it is like... the catchiest thing since MMMBop. :-D If you're looking for something that'll make you want to get up and dance, I highly recommend it.

I was going to upload one of the tracks for you as a freebie but I'm at Starbucks and I think the wi-fi connection is a little too weak to handle that. So just imagine some fun pop-rock with a dash of blues-funk added in there! I guess. Or listen to the clips at iTunes.
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Haha, Hanson posted an April Fool's new single to their website and idk if it's funny to non-Hanson fans, but I found myself biting my lip not to laugh in the library. It's very SILLY.
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The Jonas Brothers have this new song called "Poison Ivy," which is... partly about a girl and partly about a rash-inducing plant? IDK. Anyway, the lyrics to the chorus are:

Everyone's allergic to poison ivy
Everyone's allergic to poison ivy
Everybody gets the itch
Everybody hates that

and then it cuts off in this LONG SIGNIFICANT PAUSE. What I want to know is, are they expecting ANYBODY to listen to this song and not mentally insert the word "bitch" into the pause? Who are they FOOLING.

(It's really catchy though.)

ETA: I looked for this song on my computer, but couldn't find it, and didn't even think to check youtube, but fortunately somebody in the ONTD post with the JB vids posted in the comments: Hanson - Poison Ivy. Booyah.
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I think Zac Hanson is DRUNK.


I just watched It's A Boy Girl Thing, which is a ridiculously fun movie. I feel like I read a J2 AU with this plot line, but it's not the most original plot ever so I'm not sure whether it was actually based on the movie. Heh. Aaaanyway. Thoroughly enjoyable.
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as usual these days, me complaining about schoolwork. Snip )

ETA: Haha, WTF. Hanson just posted to Twitter: "Just finished a great drum take. Things are going really well. Time for dinner." with a link to this picture, which is kind of WEIRDING ME OUT. Stop looking like a serial killer, Taylor! Yikes.
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I am in such a Hanson-y mood tonight I had to switch out one of my icons just to make this post. I just spent like an hour on YouTube. So HERE, have some videos!

For all the times I drew the Hanson symbol on my skin in Sharpie )

Alas, nobody appears to have taken a video of this historic event, so here's an mp3 of Hanson covering Dirrty by Christina Aguilera.
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Good LORD, Taylor Hanson's wife is pregnant AGAIN. (I'm pretty sure that article is wrong, btw, and she's 24, not 26. Oy vey.)
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Okay, I know that bottled water is of the Devil, and you should really use an eco-friendly reusable bottle, but I still drink Crystal Geyser flavored sparkling water because... I like it. :-) The thing is, I like, um, destroying things, apparently, so I always rip the paper label off. That is FUN for me. Now they've switched to plastic labels and I keep forgetting and trying to tear them off and failing miserably. *SIGH*

In other news, while I was at the 99 cent store just now buying pudding and hand soap, they played Hanson! It was so awesome.

Now I need to go work on the [ profile] numb3rs_het challenge. *buckles down*

ETA: Does anyone have an MP3 of "Pop" by 'N Sync? There's this song from Camp Rock that sounds exactly like it, but I don't have a copy to compare properly.

new tags

May. 1st, 2007 06:58 pm
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So I know you all check my tags list every day so you would have noticed anyway, but on the offchance I have the wrong idea here, I'll let you know...

I went through my fanfic and created some new tags: rated g, rated pg, rated pg-13, rated pg-15, rated r, and rated nc-17.

Cool, yeah? :-) If you happen to notice that I've fucked them up, please let me know so I can fix them.

Now I'm going to go compile all the [ profile] numb3rs_het challenge fics into one big post so that I can read them all, haha.

Oh, but first! You all know how I'm a HANSON fan, right? (It's okay, I know you are, too.) WELL, their new album doesn't come out until July, but they have the whole thing streaming online right now! So if you're interested in hearing what they sound like (hint: not "MMMBop"), go to and click on the link at the top right side of the page where it says "Launch Hanson Media Player."

I love this band. :-)

(seriously, at least check out "Running Man" and "The Walk." That's little baby Zac singing!)
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Okay, so I've been a Hanson fan for... 6-7 years now? Not all the way since 'MMMBop,' but it's been a good long time. Anyway, they've been pretty quiet the last couple of years (also, I haven't been making the effort to keep up with them as much), getting married and having babies and such.

But now they've decided it's time to save the world! YAY! I am ALL ABOUT that.

My boys MEN went to Africa recently and recorded a song with some kids' choirs there and are now selling it on iTunes with all the proceeds going to the Perinatal HIV Research Unit in Soweto just in time for World AIDS Day (which is today).

There are also t-shirts. :-) Some links:

The Official Hanson Website

An E-card that will play the song and give you more information in one handy little graphic

The song's music video, which features the boys MEN in Africa recording the song and playing with cute children.

If you like Hanson, the song is obviously a MUST-BUY, but even if you don't (and BTW, if you haven't heard them since 1997, their voices have changed), the money goes to help people! So it's WIN-WIN!

*crosses fingers that HTML will work* (ETA: Wow, it was almost perfect!)


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