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I had to get an extension on my [ profile] numb3rs_newyear fic, and I thought it was just because I was rusty writing slash (or Numb3rs, or fanfiction at all), and because of all my homework, but it turned out once I just stopped trying to force myself to write something I could barely picture and didn't really like, and replotted the fic with an entirely different pairing and situation, uhh, it got a lot easier! So that's done with, finally.

Okay, here are some burning questions I've had on my mind...

[Poll #1669739]

For the record, my choices are, for White Collar Tim DeKay, and for TOH, Richard Tretheway. I can't help it, you guys. I can't. Help it.

(oh, p.s. I haven't gotten to watch last night's White Collar yet, so no spoilers please!)

ETA: In honor of Parks & Recreation coming back tomorrow night, a video from Funny or Die: Rob Lowe Goes Nuts (contains swearing!)
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Okay, so I think that this Dockers campaign is really disgusting and awful and sexist and harmful and the company should be ashamed of itself!

But. There are people in the comments there at [ profile] ontd_political who keep saying, "lol, khakis = real man, whut?"


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Haha, so a couple days ago I posted about how Netflix knows me well enough to offer a selection of Movies Starring Paul Rudd. Just now I was on listening to some Cat Stevens and I glanced at the ad and...

Even Pandora knows.

(Incidentally, I actually watched Role Models yesterday and it was very funny! Kind of crude, but honestly I've seen worse, and it was, IDK, surprisingly enjoyable.)

(Also, I can't remember if I mentioned it, but I watched a movie called Siam Sunset a couple weeks ago because I wanted to see Linus Roache using his real accent. It was good! I enjoyed it.)


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