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Okay, you guys know those pictures of Jared with a baby lion (RAWR) from, like, yesterday? I'll post them under a cut, in case you haven't seen them: RAWR )

Cute, right? :-) Anyway! For some reason when I look at this lion I think of DEAN, and then in my mind Jared becomes SAM and these pictures are of Sam and lion cub!Dean (and all the girls flocking around Sam to see his pet lion, bwahaha).


(Of course, at the same time, they make me anticipate lots of RPS where a longsuffering Jensen has to put up with Jared coming back to Vancouver, all, "OMG, Jensen, I want to get a BABY LION now. They're so CUTE and SOFT and CUDDLY, you wouldn't BELIEVE it, man. I got to HOLD one, how cool is THAT?" and Jensen has to constantly remind him that they are "WILD ANIMALS, Jared, and they get a lot BIGGER. *SIGH*" And then maybe something about, "You know, I'm soft and cuddly, too," and they have sex. \o/ Because otherwise it would just be RPF. Boring.)


Aug. 8th, 2007 04:58 pm
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You guys, I have done NOTHING today. Ugh. Well. I did read the entire Rich Cronin thread at [ profile] ohnotheydidnt. But that doesn't really count, even if it made me laugh.

Hmm, maybe I can write later. Or something. *is pathetic*

I really did have shit to do today, too. I was going to go up to my school's bookstore and try to find out what books I need to get because their online system for finding out is fucked. Damn you, Rich Cronin.

In good news, though, last night was the first time I've gone to sleep before, oh, 3:00 AM, for... a week, at least, probably. Which made today the first day I've woken up before 11:00 (other than Sunday, of course. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for church.)

Oh, actually... that reminds me. Okay. I feel like I should feel BAD for even mentioning this, but... I don't know if you guys heard that Jared's grandma died about a week ago? :-( It's very sad and I'm very sorry for the loss and I hope everybody's okay. But anyway, it has provided an interesting bit of information (IMO) that I shouldn't be even noticing, I'm sure, in my haste to send virtual hugs to Jared: The obituary mentions a rosary service, which suggests that at the very least his grandmother was Catholic, which means it's entirely possible that his parents are, which means that he may have been raised as such. I find this interesting!

Because I kind of have a Catholicism kink. :-/
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Um, okay, so this is kind of lame, but... Right now, it's still technically the 19th, in my time zone (which is the same as Jared's, yeah? Heh.) SO, even though really this isn't finished (meaning, the porn hasn't been written yet), I'm going to post what is written now, even though it's kind of short, and if all goes absolutely beautifully, I'll write the rest tomorrow and be able to post it. And just so you know, this doesn't break off in mid-sentence or anything. The one person who looked at this part said it could stand on its own, so you shouldn't be scared to read it. Just, um, hopefully you can look forward to porn soon.

I kind of want to delete everything I just wrote. Oh well.

Happy Birthday Jared!!! I wish you nothing but the best, sugar. *smooches*

Title: One For Every Year (part 1/2)
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: this part, PG. Later on, R or NC-17.
Summary: Jared likes presents.
Word Count: ~430
Spoilers: None. Unless you didn't know today was Jared's birthday! Oops.
Notes/Warnings: Unbetaed. Kind of silly. Should be continued. Written for Miss [ profile] wendy, who gave me the prompt, "Jensen and Jared share drunk kisses during Jared's birthday celebration." This is not really that fic, but it's what I was inspired to write, so. *shrugs* Incidentally, you may notice that this is only the second time I've posted RPS... and it's the second time I've written it for [ profile] wendy. Coincidence? I think not.
Disclaimer: I don't own Jensen or Jared; they own themselves. Unless Jared got lucky this didn't really happen.

I have a present for you )
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[ profile] onelittlesleep wanted pictures of Jared. :-)

A LOT of Jared )


May. 22nd, 2007 01:07 am
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From this post:

M: What are Jared’s qualities and flaws?

Jensen: It is really cool to work so closely with someone like him. I feel that I’ve seen him grow as an actor. He became someone very talented. He already was but I have the impression he gain in maturity. I’m really happy to have been able to be there to see that. I think I'm proud of him like a big brother could be of his little brother. Even if he shot an important number of episodes on Gilmore Girls, I’m not sure the situations he had to play really opened him up. In parallel, in the film he shot, he didn’t get the first lead role. He had the luck to work with very talented people but I think Supernatural is his first opportunity to really play like he feels. I'm one of his fans.

M: And his flaws?

Jensen: I couldn’t find any. I like him a lot.

(emphasis mine, naturally.)

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Chatting with my "masturbation = dancing" friend again, and:

Him: Why didn't God make me pretty?

Me: Because you're a boy?

Him: He made Jared pretty...
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1. I totally just ordered a copy of Just Married for $1.25 from, and I'm totally not ashamed of myself for it. Much.

2. Since obviously I'm studying for my bio exam (what else would I be doing, buying trashy movies online? Puh-leeze), I was reading about endosymbiosis, and according to my study guide:

"A symbiotic relationship is a relationship in which two (or more) organisms live in partnership with each other. In many cases, this kind of partnership becomes so vital that neither of the partners can exist without the other."

Can't imagine why I found that noteworthy. ;-) (We'll ignore the next sentence which says something about "one of the partners living inside the body of the other," because that's a genre of fic I don't really want to get into, please. Although, fuck, now I have images in my head. Damn it!)

3. My teacher is Dutch, and pronounces "microtubule" like "my-crow-toob-uh-lee." (Instead of "my-crow-toob-yule").

4. I leave you with a few pictures of Jared Padalecki. I want one! )

Sorry, apparently where I come from "a few" means "13." You have to admit, the boy's cute. You should be impressed I could stop myself at all.


Mar. 4th, 2007 03:46 pm
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I have like 60 pages to read by tomorrow morning, and a bit of writing to do. I should probably get on that. But for now, how about some pictures?

More lush!Jensen )

And I think I heard something about a tongue fetish? )

God, I could stare at these all day. *sigh*
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Will Jared Padalecki ever do anything that won't make me love him more? I think not!

Interview at the CW site.

Man, that accent kills me. He adds a 'w' onto every word - it's hawrd, we took the cawr, etc. I love it. The funniest thing is that, as much as his accent slips through while he plays Sam, it really is thicker when he's being himself.

[ profile] akussaset, you definitely have to watch it, because he talks jokes about how much Jensen enjoys getting his makeup done.

ETA: there's something very fun about eating ice cream while a space heater blasts heat at your feet.
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Here's some country Christmas music:

10 tracks under the cut )

And some of my favorite non-Christmas music:

17 tracks, country and otherwise )

OKAY, I'm stopping now. I swear.

Oh, shit, that wasn't homework. Whoops! *nervous laughter*

Oh, and I know I've posted the link before, but I still love this video clip of Jared in New York Minute (with the Olsens! Although you can skip their parts.) It might be his stellar acting... or it might be the shirtlessness. Hm.
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So, earlier, my mom saw a picture of Robert De Niro and was all,

Mom: "Oh, hey, Robert De Niro! He's so good-looking,"
Me: "Robert De Niro? Really?"
Mom: "Yeah, he's my favorite actor. You knew that, I've said that before."
Me: "Um, yeah, okay, I guess that sounds familiar."
Mom: "I feel about him the way you do about... what's-their-names."
Me: "Uh, yeah, except I know Robert De Niro's name?"

It could have ended there, with me assuming that she would have gotten Jensen and Jared's names pretty quickly if she thought about it. But she and my dad both start talking, trying to come up with their names...

Them: "Jason? Jensen! Jensen and Jason?"
Me: "No, not Jason."
Dad: "Ackles! Jensen Ackles!"
Me: "Yeah, okay, what about the other one?"
Them: "Uh.. Sobacheski? Padacheski?" (this line of thinking goes on for a bit)
Dad: "Oh, I know! It's Padaleski."
Me: "NO, it's not. C'mon, guys, you must be joking here."

But they WEREN'T.

Them: "Padalecki! Okay."
Me: "Yes. What's his first name?"
Dad: "Are they both named Jensen?"
Me: "Do you honestly think they're both named Jensen? Really?"
Dad: "Well, no. But it's something like that, right?"
Me: *sigh*

After a while,

Dad: "Jared!"

Obviously, my talking about these guys EVERY DAY for, like, HOURS at a time is not enough. LOL.

Oh, well, at least I'm pretty sure my mom can finally keep track of which one is Sam and which is Dean. I think.
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I have a page in one of my notebooks dedicated for any flashes of brilliance I may get about the Jensen-in-a-dress story [ profile] akussaset and I are working on (which in my mind I've titled "Belle of the Ball," heh), and so far the only thing written on it is:

Jensen - lipgloss - blowjob?


Cut because the rest of the post is a little long )

[ profile] akussaset, honey, are you around?
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Jared Padalecki was Mary-Kate Olsen's first big-screen kiss. I don't know why that knowledge is evoking the response that it is, but... For some reason I find that unbelievably cute. Or something. It makes me smile.

I have a sneaking suspicion that at some point I'm going to end up renting this movie just to fastforward to all of Jared's scenes. Oh, J-Pad, look what you've done to me. (Not that this would be the first Olsen twins movie I've seen. I have very fond memories of It Takes Two.)

The funny thing about that clip is... Mary-Kate is tiny. Short. Like, 5'2" or something. And Jay-red is 6'4". So I think she must be standing on a box or something, because he's not really towering over her like I'd expect.

Oh. Hey. Jared takes off his shirt in this movie. I probably should feel bad about objectifying him, but I happen to love his mind and body, so, you know. He's just a well-balanced individual.

Shit, this movie looks like a work of art. For Jared shirtless (and the Olsen twins in little towels, if that's your thing):

OMG, he threw the dog out the window. ROFL.

There is something very wrong when this is my life. *sigh* Although I stand by my opinion that Jared throwing the dog out the window was funny. Now I'm off to consider in depth the fact that CK saw JP half-nekkid before JA did. (Although JA's presumably [you know, in my mind] seen JP fully-nekkid by now, so I think he counts as caught up.)

Actually, I should probably go read The New York Times or something. *facepalm*


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