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(oh, warning, this includes a couple cuss words, so somewhat NSFW)

Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day, y'all.
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I have more important things to be doing (why hello, unwritten history paper due tomorrow morning! I will be with you in a minute), but I was just updating my fic Master List with my last couple of fics and it got me thinking a little.


I just wrote a whole paragraph about how over the years I have stopped writing as much slash and started writing more het and femmeslash, and I was going to posit that when I first started posting fic I hadn't found as many examples of quality het and femmeslash as I had slash, and so that was what I was following in my writing, but that now I've gotten more comfortable/confident with the idea of writing het/femmeslash well... but then when I actually went back and looked at the stories I posted in my first year of posting fic (2007), I wrote a LOT of het and femmeslash back then. But it is definitely true that I wrote a lot more slash back then than I do now, too, and I've been trying to find a way to explain that. I'm just not as into it anymore! I guess! IDK, I have a feeling there are probably some deep, difficult explanations hidden in my psyche, but I guess those will have to wait for another day.

And then of course there are those pairings that just come along and flip everything upside down. On that note, and for your time: getting back to the good old days of incest slash with JoBros gifs )
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[Poll #1570173]

ETA: OR, you could pull a Joe Jonas and remind me of a movie that I have DEFINITELY seen, MULTIPLE times, but not since I was 10!

@joejonas Watched spice world for the first time last night... I'm still trying to figure out what it was about.

(It's about GIRL POWER, Joe.)
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Okay, okay, I think the going barefoot for a day thing is great and I think Tom's Shoes is pretty cool, and yadda yadda. But I do, uh... Have to just say... If the point of this is to build empathy and support for people who live in desperate poverty such that they can't even afford shoes (which, of course, can be a stepping stone to things like, you know, schooling), I'm not TOTALLY convinced that you're really experiencing anything resembling their suffering if you go... play golf...

(don't mind me, I'm stressing over school. Yay for trying to save the world, you guys. One tee at a time.)
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Finally watched Nick Jonas's new music video. Got through one minute before I could no longer justify taking the time. Sappiest, most ridiculous thing ever. ♥
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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I miss you all. School starts in a couple of days which means I'll be super busy but also means I'll probably be online more, so yay? Anyway! I finally got around to throwing together a master list of my 2009 fic. I thiiiink it's complete! I did it as quickly as possible and didn't really double check it, so. Anyway!

Fic of 2009

Total fic count: 34
Total word count: 14,332
Het: 9
Slash: 9
Het/Slash: 2
Femmeslash: 3
Gen: 11

month by month )
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If it's wrong to watch JONAS while drinking vodka, I don't want to be right.
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Fuuuuuuck, okay, the thing I HATE about Twitter is the abbreviated URLs, because I ALWAYS end up clicking on something I did NOT WANT TO SEE. Oh god. I need to go cry in the shower for a while now.

But speaking of Twitter, oh man, having LJ down this morning sucked, yeah? I woke up bright and early this morning and nothing worked! Sad.

Jonas picture of the day:

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Hello world! I am declaring today a happy day! In a few minutes I'm going to go out to the store to get a couple of things and then I'm going to come home and bake cookies. YAY.

In the comments, tell me about things that you like BEST. Things that make you HAPPY. (Anything!) Here are some things I like:

Super entertaining shows like Psych and Leverage.
Taking nice pictures.
Hanging out outside on a beautiful day.
Rose petal gelato.
Yellow legal pads.
Plotting out clich├ęd Mary Sue romance novel plotlines. (Haha.)

:-D :-D :-D
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ATTN: [ profile] mercilynn. Here is another video for you to watch tomorrow when you have sound.

I'll put it under a cut so no one gets annoyed. It's of the Jonas Brothers, FYI. )

Also, I'm grabbing this meme from [ profile] rodlox:
01. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
02. Do this everyday for eight days without fail.
03. Tag eight of your friends to do the same.
(Do it if you want!)

Monday 7/27: There are actually a lot of things that made me happy today, so here's a list: The delicious palak paneer I had for lunch. Finishing the book I've been reading. Thinking up some cool ideas for my [ profile] numb3rs_het fics. Airdrumming on the bus ride home. The amaaaazing fresh homemade salsa my dad made for dinner. Watching a couple episodes of Sports Night. Watching a couple episodes of Monk. Receiving Dead & Breakfast in the mail from Netflix. (Haha). Chatting with Ash! :-)

The end!

JB picspam

Jul. 19th, 2009 06:12 pm
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Hey guys! It's a little after 6 PM on Sunday, and you know what thaaaat means! Time for a mini Jonas Brothers picspam! Yeah!

booooyfriends )
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Numb3rs people! Go read the fic [ profile] magisterequitum wrote for me: P is for Polish (Liz, G, ~400 words). ♥

Also, here is a Jonas picture:


(I was going to post a different picture that I liked from that batch, but then I realized it had, um, a 16-year-old bulge in it and I felt too awkward about it to post. Sigh.)
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Now seems like as good a time as any to re-post this Jonas Brothers fic I wrote. Forgive me, flist.

[ profile] mustangcandi, you should totally read this.

Title: Road Trip
Pairing/Characters: Joe/Nick pre-slash (could very easily be read as gen)
Rating: PG
Summary: "Let's go," Joe says. "You need, uh, practice driving."
Word Count: 470
Warnings: none
Notes: Unbetaed. Originally posted here. Re-posting here just so I can keep track of it better.
Prompt: "Nick and Joe take a road trip aka run away for a while, Nick's car is a must." (from [ profile] severus_falter).
Disclaimer: This is complete and utter fiction. I mean no harm.

on the road again )
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If Nick Jonas is officially graduated from high school, does that make it... slightly more okay to obsess over him? Maybe? No. Okay. (The second trending topic on Twitter, btw, is "Congratulations Nick." Haha.)

Also, Taylor Hanson is going to see Taylor Swift tonight and I am a little jealous.
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The Jonas Brothers have this new song called "Poison Ivy," which is... partly about a girl and partly about a rash-inducing plant? IDK. Anyway, the lyrics to the chorus are:

Everyone's allergic to poison ivy
Everyone's allergic to poison ivy
Everybody gets the itch
Everybody hates that

and then it cuts off in this LONG SIGNIFICANT PAUSE. What I want to know is, are they expecting ANYBODY to listen to this song and not mentally insert the word "bitch" into the pause? Who are they FOOLING.

(It's really catchy though.)

ETA: I looked for this song on my computer, but couldn't find it, and didn't even think to check youtube, but fortunately somebody in the ONTD post with the JB vids posted in the comments: Hanson - Poison Ivy. Booyah.
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Wait, did Joe Jonas just tell Nick, "I love your face?"

Well. I guess we have that in common, then.

(Not to mention when asked to describe Nick in one word he said... "Soft.")
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Joe Jonas dancing to Single Ladies is my favorite thing ever.

(Please note the high heels, omg.)
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I feel sorry for anyone not following the Jonas Brothers on Twitter (@Jonasbrothers), because I cannot imagine anyone whose day would not be made better by seeing this picture of Nick Jonas with his dog, Elvis.

Man. I would make that my new desktop if it wouldn't make me feel creepy.
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Look, I'm not gonna lie, I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED the new Jonas Brothers TV show. It's so funny! And they keep making fun of how Nick never smiles! Lulz.

I also enjoyed this video, which somebody posted in the comments at [ profile] ohnotheydidnt (ETA: video not necessarily SFW due to bleep-worthy language. Shocking! Also maybe not safe for Kevin-lovers. Bwahaha.):


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