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New mood theme! Coach and Mrs. Taylor plus Matt and Julie. ♥ I'm on an icon-downloading kick, too, but I haven't uploaded any new ones yet. Who knows, maybe next I'll even change my journal layout! Anything could happen!

You guys should check out the Awesome Ladies Ficathon if you haven't. There's some excellent fic in there. The kind of fic that makes me stare hopelessly at a blank document in my word processor, because I've suddenly realized that I can't write for shiiiit in comparison. Fortunately I am choosing to take this as inspiration to, you know, better myself! Rather than curl up in despair or go cry in the shower or whatever.

Okay, that is... far too much computer time for today, so I'm going to go get dressed and go outside for some fresh air.

(OH, but before I do that, did you guys watch Leverage?? So excellent.)
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I have a paper I need to write (well. Right now I'm more sort of stuck on... trying to figure out what exactly the prompt even means, but...) but I keep checking Twitter every few minutes and Christian Kane just RTed this Leverage fanvid set to the audio from a South Park scene. And it is fucking hilaaaaarious. Also I just enjoy the fact that CK watched a video where, in effect, he was portrayed as demanding that Tim Hutton suck his balls, and instead of being weirded out, he posted the link for all the world to see.

(SO, um, if that didn't make it clear, the audio of this is NSFW):


Aug. 28th, 2009 12:09 pm
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Aldishodge02 spent the entire plane ride next to an adorable 1 yr old baby girl. she kept taking my sketch pad haha


When are we going to have THE BABYSITTING JOB? There doesn't even need to be a con, okay, just a BABY, please.
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I think I momentarily forgot that I'm two episodes behind on SPN, and I figured I'd check out some of the Con stuff, but was promptly spoiled at the first link I clicked on. Whoops! So no more con reports, but I figured the karaoke videos were probably safe, so...

I haven't really been interested in Leverage RPF. I haven't, like, hated the thought, but I also haven't really read any or considered it or anything. But I just watched a video of Aldis Hodge doing "Sweet Home Alabama" and all I can think is, CHRISTIAN KANE WOULD BE SO PROUD. I think there should be fic about that.
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Usually I don't pay attention to spam, but last week an e-mail from my teacher went into my spam folder, so I checked it just now to make sure I hadn't missed anything from him. A lot of the subject lines are funny, but this one struck me as particularly hilarious: The hard friend in your pants will look up into the sky.

I... thought I might have something else to post about. Hmm. Well! I watched the Leverage season finale a couple nights ago! How awesome was that, man. Kick. Ass. cut for minor spoilers )

AND, um. I started watching Six Feet Under, not sure if I would like it because I wasn't sure how creepy/gory it was. This show is GREAT. I'm four episodes in, I think, and having to force myself not to watch another right now because today is all about studying. Right.

P.S. Happy birthday, Jensen Ackles! I thought there would be, like, a "Give Jensen 31 fanfic blowjobs for his birthday" challenge, but I haven't seen anything. OH well. I'm sure he'll get that taken care of by ~someone else~.
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Oh man. I just watched Leverage 1x12. spoilers )

I was in a bad mood all day but there were two songs that came on on my iPod that made me happy, which I'm going to upload and add to this post in a minute.

ETA: Okay, here: Hanson - Thinking Of You. Oh, prepubescent Taylor Hanson, I will never stop loving you. The other song was "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate, but I guess it's on a different computer because I can't find it on here. I imagine you know the song, though. Haha.
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I didn't watch Bones or Supernatural tonight, because I figured I should, like... do homework instead. Laaaaame. I didn't really get much done. But a little bit! I had a busy day and have been kind of exhausted since about 6 PM. *sigh*

I did finally watch this week's Leverage, though! That was pretty awesome. I have SO much love for Hardison, it is kind of unbelievable.

In his inauguration speech, President Obama (how long till I get used to saying that? Haha) said, "...we have duties to ourselves, our nation and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character than giving our all to a difficult task." I think I need to post that in big letters on my wall where I can always see it and be inspired. ;-) Because right now I am NOT feeling satisfied/inspired/motivated by attempting to work on the difficult tasks I have.

I feel like my eyes are burning from lack of sleep. That's probably not a good sign.
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Is it weird that I just clicked on the cut to a post about "the best pot roast" and immediately thought, "Aw, no pictures?" I feel like, as a vegetarian, maybe that's an inappropriate response. Or even action in the first place. Why am I clicking on pot roast recipes? I don't know.

Do not have cable, and therefore have not yet seen tonight's Leverage. I'll have to download it tomorrow and watch it... sometime. I watch too much shit with my parents, man. It means that I always have to wait for them to catch up on anything.

Merlin is all mine, though. I started watching it a couple days ago. My dad caught a few minutes of it over my shoulder and was not impressed. I believe the phrase "Camelot 90210" was uttered. LOL.

I watched The Mentalist and spent the whole episode distracted by Van Pelt being pretty. I want a whole long fic about how hot she is--I don't even care who she's paired with.

Oh, shit, is tomorrow night the last Friday Night Lights of the season? Oh God. I need to catch up on the last two. I feel like otherwise I'm bound to be spoiled for something after the finale. Meep.


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