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Very different from last year's list. I think this establishes pretty firmly that being a university student takes a lot more out of me than being in community college did. The downturn in fic production coincides exaaaactly with my transferring. But, you know, there's more value in school than fandom, or something!


(Okay, I went and added up all of my academic writing from this year and it totals approximately 44,236 words. So. If you were wondering why I was ignoring you all year! That's why.)

fic of 2010 )

I'm not doing one of those end-of-the-year fic memes, but if you have any questions about any of these or which my favorite is or whatever, feel free to ask. :-) And as always, thank you thank you thank you to everyone who read and commented and cheered me on. Y'all are the best. ♥
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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I miss you all. School starts in a couple of days which means I'll be super busy but also means I'll probably be online more, so yay? Anyway! I finally got around to throwing together a master list of my 2009 fic. I thiiiink it's complete! I did it as quickly as possible and didn't really double check it, so. Anyway!

Fic of 2009

Total fic count: 34
Total word count: 14,332
Het: 9
Slash: 9
Het/Slash: 2
Femmeslash: 3
Gen: 11

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So, I'm not exactly thrilled that this year I wrote less than half as much as I did last year. But whatever! It's still something, and it was still fun, and I'm still pleased with these stories.

Number of stories posted // Total word count
Numb3rs: 22 // 6,110
Supernatural: 3 // 631
N3/SPN crossover: 1 // 300

Total: 26 // 7,041

month by month )

Thank you to everyone who has read and encouraged and helped and inspired. ♥ ♥ ♥

Goals for next year, which I am making up on the spot: Write a new fandom. Collaborate with someone else. Write longer fics. Stop signing up for challenges you know you won't finish.
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I believe this was my first attempt at femmeslash. [ profile] leda_speaks is most likely to blame. ;-)

The series is a WIP, with at least one more drabble coming MAYBE, if I ever write it. I'm pretty sure it stands on its own as is, though. All fics are Megan/Amita.

Just Want You Near. "Just tell me." Rated PG-13. 100 words.
Falling Into Place. Megan almost thinks she won't answer. Rated PG-15. 100 words.
Anything You Say. She can't move. Rated PG-13. 100 words.
Hold Me Here. A flash of silver above her head. Rated NC-17. 150 words.
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I wrote all four of these in one sitting, and I have to admit the series is up there on my list of "favorite things I've written." But that might just be because it was fun to write, not because it's anything great. ;-)

As far as I'm concerned, this is a completed series. All fics are gen and feature Megan.

Flying Blind. The man at the front desk barely spares her a second leer when she gives her fake name. Rated PG. 100 words.
Difficult Conditions. She raises an eyebrow and forces a smirk. Rated PG. 100 words.
Got The Ambition. She walks slowly to the foot of the bed. Rated PG-15. 100 words.
Sign Me Up. She doesn't have to use the mace. Rated PG. 100 words.
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This is an open 'verse, though I can't guarantee that any more will be written for it. (Hopefully! I'm just not the kind of writer who can ever promise to deliver anything, haha.)

All fics are Don/Amita and Charlie/Amita. None, so far, are Don/Amita/Charlie or Don/Charlie. (But wouldn't that be a twist! Haha.)

Don't Make A Sound. His brother will never know. Rated PG-13. 100 words.
Telling Me It's Time. She can feel his eyes on her. Rated R. 100 words.
Over The Moon. At midnight, he leans over and presses a kiss to her lips. Rated PG. 100 words.
Everyone Knows Anything Goes. As soon as she's within reach, he grabs her arm and pulls her around the corner. Rated PG-13. 100 words.
Never Be Told. She trembles, already knowing it’s about his brother, already knowing something’s wrong. Rated PG. 100 words.
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It's that time of year, you know, when all the cool kids are posting year-end fic round-ups! And you guys know how I like to be cool. SO. I took a bit of time to go through and add up ALL the fic I've posted in the last year, and... Compared to some people, it's not a lot! But considering this is my first year posting fic, and my first year really writing it seriously, instead of concocting silly Mary Sue fantasies involving Justin Timberlake *cough*, I'm pretty pleased with how much I've posted! :-D Here is a quick breakdown:

Numb3rs fics posted: 35
Supernatural fics posted: 10
RPS fics posted: 3
Unspecified fandom fics posted: 1
N3/SPN crossover fics posted: 2

Total fics posted: 51

Word Counts:
N3: 12,294
SPN: 4,740
RPS: 2,360
Unspecified: 140
N3/SPN: 300

Total fic word count: 19,834

So now here, month by month, is my fic of 2007: Let's start with January! )

So right here is a good place to very sincerely thank everybody who's helped me brainstorm, betaed, collaborated, listened to me whine, and of course, read! You've all made a world of difference. :-) Special thanks in particular go to (in no particular order): [ profile] neur0vanity, [ profile] leda_speaks, [ profile] elysium1996, [ profile] emmademarais, [ profile] melissima, and [ profile] mercilynn.

Here's to a happy New Year full of fun, friends, and more porn! (Seriously, only 10 of those 51 fics were NC-17. What's up with that? Haha.) *kisses all around*


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