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Ugh, I seem to have become one of those people who enjoys documentaries. Do you have any documentary recommendations for me?

I recently watched Boy I Am, and it was pretty good! Definitely thought-provoking. I actually had downloaded it over a year ago and never watched it, but I'm glad I hadn't, because waiting until I'd gotten some feminist theory under my belt helped me contextualize everything they were talking about.

ETA: I would prefer ones that are not suuuper dark and depressing, although I recognize that that sometimes comes with the territory!
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I probably have too much schoolwork to spare the time, but I got kind of a craving, I guess? A hankering? for a funny movie!

[Poll #1627659]

I feel like I'm kind of having mood swings today, happy/depressed, happy/depressed... Sigh!

What are you guys up to?
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[Poll #1570173]

ETA: OR, you could pull a Joe Jonas and remind me of a movie that I have DEFINITELY seen, MULTIPLE times, but not since I was 10!

@joejonas Watched spice world for the first time last night... I'm still trying to figure out what it was about.

(It's about GIRL POWER, Joe.)
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Has anybody else watched this show Warehouse 13 on the SciFi SyFy channel? I just watched the first five episodes on Hulu earlier. It's not a GREAT show, but it's entertaining and it has that sort of... I think it's good for people like me who would ENJOY The X-Files but are too scaredy-cat to actually watch The X-Files. Warehouse 13 is a little bit scary-creepy sometimes but not really.

Anyway! The two main characters are Secret Service agents, and they've got the same male/female partner interactions as every other show on television. I think we're supposed to ship them, maybe, and I DO, to some extent, but I also like Pete/Leena and Daniel Dickinson/Myka. Heh. If you watch it tell me what you think!

I mentioned last week that I was going to be seeing (500) Days of Summer, and [ profile] magisterequitum asked me to tell her if I liked it, so: Yes! I liked it. It's a good movie. It's also a fun, creative movie, and I really like how it's constructed and composed. The ending... left me wanting? a LITTLE bit? Maybe? But I'm also not really sure what I would change about it. Anyway, there were two scenes that MADE the movie for me, they filled me with such pure joy. They were: spoilers ) Anyway, I came out of it basically wondering how Joseph Gordon-Levitt can be quite SO charming and attractive.

Also, I remember seeing an interview with him from when they were filming and he said that every morning on his way to work he'd listen to Zooey Deschanel's CD, which I think is kind of lovely and sweet. They were really cute together! IDK, I think some people don't like her, but I'm a fan.
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Watched Thoughtcrimes this evening and once again am wishing it had been made into a TV show. Ah well.

Also, I had been planning to sign up for [ profile] mixingmusic this month but I can't come up with a good prompt, so I'm not sure if I will. Instead, I am grabbing this meme from [ profile] winterweathered:

Pick one of my fics and I'll make you a mini-mix (2-5 songs) to go with it.

ETA: I really like this meme, BTW, so I am declaring it open-ended. If you stumble across this post a month or a year from now and want a mix, you are totally welcome to comment.

movie meme

Jun. 7th, 2009 11:59 pm
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This meme looks super fun. Grabbed from [ profile] mercilynn:

1. Go to IMDB and look up 10 of your favorite movies.
2. Post three or four official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for each.
3. Have your flist guess the movies.

1. Coincidence, Firefighter, Tree, Private Detective
2. Reading, Telekinesis, Chalk, Dedicated Teacher Matilda ([ profile] mercilynn)
3. Stolen Car, Paris, Bedroom, Journalist
4. Giant, Kissing, Battle Of Wits, Shirtless Male Bondage The Princess Bride ([ profile] veronamay)
5. Marcel Proust, Vow Of Silence, Volkswagen Bus, Dancing Little Miss Sunshine ([ profile] mercilynn)
6. Nun, Neo Nazi, Unpaid Taxes, Car Chase
7. Energy Drink, Reference To Ben Affleck, Live Action Role Playing, Breasts Role Models ([ profile] mercilynn)
8. Dragon, Gender Disguise, Fireworks, Avalanche Mulan ([ profile] mercilynn)
9. Jury, Heat Wave, Eyeglasses, Real Time
10. Train, Los Angeles California, Extramarital Affair, Crime Gone Awry
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Haha, so a couple days ago I posted about how Netflix knows me well enough to offer a selection of Movies Starring Paul Rudd. Just now I was on listening to some Cat Stevens and I glanced at the ad and...

Even Pandora knows.

(Incidentally, I actually watched Role Models yesterday and it was very funny! Kind of crude, but honestly I've seen worse, and it was, IDK, surprisingly enjoyable.)

(Also, I can't remember if I mentioned it, but I watched a movie called Siam Sunset a couple weeks ago because I wanted to see Linus Roache using his real accent. It was good! I enjoyed it.)
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You guys. I am having this insane craving for movies that take place in ALASKA. Preferably romantic comedies. But I can't find any. Or, I would also enjoy the northeast, like... Maine. Or maybe Eastern Canada! idk. These places all feel ~exotic~ to me.

Suggestions? (Don't worry, I'm not going to watch them NOW. I will wait until the semester's over. But I'm having the craving now, so if I have some to look forward to it will be a nice motivator.) Any romances or romantic comedies that are particularly setting-oriented, I guess?

Haha, I don't even know if this post makes sense or conveys what I'm looking for. SIGH.
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[ profile] mia_dcwut_09 posted a link to this video that Rob Morrow made at the Numb3rs 100th Episode celebration. It's a little long and Rob comes off slightly doucheily, as usual, BUT it's also great because the FIRST thing that comes on the screen is Dylan Bruno carrying his son on his hip. And then you can play "spot the Demian" through the rest of the video, because he runs across the screen a few times. ♥ I also recommend at least watching the 7:55 mark to see... I don't know his name! The hilarious conspiracy theorist guy who's been in a few episodes?

Anyway: What's in a Numb3r?

Also, I went to see STAR TREK yesterday, and omfg how awesome is that movie? SO AWESOME. If you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend it.
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I think Zac Hanson is DRUNK.


I just watched It's A Boy Girl Thing, which is a ridiculously fun movie. I feel like I read a J2 AU with this plot line, but it's not the most original plot ever so I'm not sure whether it was actually based on the movie. Heh. Aaaanyway. Thoroughly enjoyable.
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I just watched Clueless, which I downloaded recently after realizing that Paul Rudd and Jeremy Sisto were both in it. It was cute, for sure, but I have to say I kind of liked the J2 AU from a couple years ago better. Hahaha. Plus, at least there was SEX in the AU. *sigh* So maybe I have a thing for hot older ex-step-brothers taking their ex-step-sister/girlfriend's virginity, DON'T JUDGE ME.

Completely unrelated, I'm incredibly underwhelmed by Amazon's "it was a glitch!!1!1!!" excuse. Yeah, right. Too bad that makes no sense in light of the, you know... FACTS.
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SO. I watched My Girlfriend's Boyfriend tonight. It was fun! Not a brilliant movie by any means, but it was fun at the very least because I got to stare at Chris Bruno for an hour and a half. Whatever. I'm easy to please.

I watched it online on Netflix, so it wasn't easy to fine tune my pausing to get good caps. The quality of these isn't great, but if you're a fan I would definitely recommend checking them out. It's fun to see how much he looks like Dylan in a bunch of these, too. Especially numbers 40 and 41, IMO.

Under the cut you will find: 50 caps, all featuring Chris (except for 19 and 20 where he ~disappears~ for a moment). Semi-NSFW because there is much shirtlessness and some relatively tame gay bedroom shenanigans. But no kissing! LAME.

I don't think any of these are probably high quality enough to use for making graphics, but if you want to try, knock yourself out, no credit needed.

Also, spoilers for the movie, obviously. Although, it's not exactly Hitchcock, so if you've read the plot outline at IMDb, I don't know that there's anything in these pictures you wouldn't have figured out already.

Are you bi? No, I'm straight. Gay! Straight gay. )
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I wanted a movie to watch while I made some earrings for a friend's birthday present, so I went to the Netflix "Watch Instantly" page and what should I see but A Cinderella Story? It was... I feel kind of LAME for enjoying it as much as I did, but it was a very cute movie. Chaaaad. ♥
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*coughwheeze* I am a little bit sick. I think this is what I get for making jokes about [ profile] elysium1996's recent morning sickness illness. :-(

But, two good things: I just watched Love and Other Disasters, which I found charming. And my Psychology grade was posted today and I got an A! Which kind of (pleasantly) surprised me. WHEW.


Sep. 22nd, 2008 09:45 pm
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(I think maybe it's time to go to bed, considering it took me three tries to type "movies." Yikes.)

Okay, y'all, my Netflix queue is completely empty, so I need some suggestions!

What are your top movie recommendations? Maybe give me a list somewhere from 1-5?
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Ahhh... So I just got home a little while ago from a lovely evening out with [ profile] melissima and [ profile] emmademarais! Fun times, man. It's very nice to be able to discuss porn-writing over dinner in a busy restaurant! ;-) Even if I did get paranoid that someone would hear me talking about threesomes and get the wrong idea. Hahaha.

First we went to see Redbelt, which has Max Martini in it. It was a good movie! I wasn't sure how much I'd like it because I'm not that (read: at all) into professional fighting, but it was very enjoyable. And whatever, Max was hot. :-P
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I've been saying for awhile that one of my goals for this year is to write a threesome. I had some ideas for, like, Don/Amita/OFC, and Coop/Robin/Colby, and Terry/Liz/Amita... Random pairings groupings like that. I thought it would be really hard and I'd have to plan it all out and outline and think about it, etc., etc.

Last night I stayed up till 1 AM writing 1000 words of David/Megan/Colby fic for [ profile] mercilynn. Just because she asked me to. (And after turning her down on the first two things she asked me for (Ian/JDM, wtf, how do I write that?), I was feeling guilty). Unfortunately, by the time the sex started I was falling asleep, so. I really really hope that I can finish it, though, because it was fun.

I had a dream last night that... the world was ending, I guess. So my best friend's mom and I were going to Greenland to set up some sort of mirror to reflect the sun, and... that was going to fix things. The science was a little shady, now that I think about it! :-P So yeah, we were going to drive to Greenland (should take 3-5 days!), and I was packing this tiny little tote bag, trying to find warm socks and knit caps and stuff. Haha.

Today is my friend's last day of classes, so I'm going downtown to meet up with her at 12 and then we're going to see Baby Mama at 2:00. My film teacher would be so proud, I'm sure.

Ugh, oh no, thinking about my teacher suddenly made me remember GRADES. Ack! Suddenly I'm all nervous about my grades for the semester.

Hey, in case you didn't see it, go here and tell me if you're interested in a [ profile] numb3rs_het fic challenge.
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I think I've sunk to new lows in choosing the real life people I will slash in my head. *is naughty*

And somebody nominated my ill-conceived femmeslash at [ profile] numb3rs_awards, so yay. Thank you, whoever that was. :-)

Last night, I watched 3:10 to Yuma, which is fantastic. I highly recommend it. And it has a lot of potential for fanfic, so I'm going to swing by Yuletide sometime and see if I can find some.

How are you all doing?
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You GUYS. Fandom has RUINED me. *SIGH*

I went to go see OotP today, and I enjoyed it a lot, but OMG, I kept thinking SLASHY THOUGHT AFTER SLASHY THOUGHT. And mostly they were, you know, acceptable slash like Ron/Harry, but then, um, there may have been a flash of Snape/Harry in there and I just... All I could do was sit there thinking about how CRAZY the Harry Potter fandom is and also that I wanted to find some HP slash when I got home. Which I haven't done yet, so maybe I'm home free.

But yeah, um, I liked it! I wasn't even bored; it didn't seem too long at all.

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. :-/ Tomorrow I won't be around either. But, um. Maybe this next week. I know tomorrow is the Don Eppes birthday thing and, erm, technically I don't have anything written, but MAYBE I can whip something up tomorrow. I really, really hope so.

ETA: Have any of you noticed how HOT Jared is? Just thought I'd put it out there. (He's really HOT!) :-P
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Watched Music and Lyrics tonight with my mom and sister. Very fun movie! :-) I enjoyed Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore a lot, although I, erm, couldn't help but consider Alex/Colin (Hugh Grant's character/one of character's old bandmates) while I was watching. It maybe distracted me a little bit. ;-)

But yeah, fun movie. It made me laugh. A lot. Not to mention all the memories it brought back of old 'N Sync concerts. Hee.

Oh, um, also went to the bead store today and... *facepalm* ended up getting a bunch of Dean-themed charms to make a bracelet.

Stop looking at me like that.

... one of the charms is a unicorn. (and... one is a squirrel. HEH.)

I'll post a picture when I make it.

Tomorrow I'm dyeing my hair. I'll try and post some pictures of that, too.

On Monday I have a biology exam, and then I'm DONE with school for the semester. YAY.


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