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I changed the [ profile] numb3rs_het layout! Ummm, somebody tell me it's sort of maybe vaguely bearable and not the worst thing you've ever seen, for like a... hopefully temporary layout. *crosses fingers* Please?
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Is it better to pick a layout before figuring out what size header to make/have, or vice versa (i.e. build a layout around a header)?

Aaaalso, e-mail me if you have pictures that would be good for a new [ profile] numb3rs_het banner, por favor (i.e. high-quality pictures of het combos looking nice and/or lovey-dovey.). I have a handful but would love to have more.

ALSO. I have some people I think I can force to help me (muahaha), but if you are particularly enthusiastic about comm layout-creation/editing, let me know!
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I'm sorry, I know I'm totally creepy about pictures of Joel/Nicole and Harlow, but this is REALLY CUTE. *siiigh*

Just FYI, I am two episodes behind in SPN, so... Just keep that in mind in any conversations with me, please. :-)

The last couple of days instead of doing homework I went on a massive tagging spree over at [ profile] numb3rs_het. I'm not done yet, but I fixed up the pairing tags and I've added author tags to a bunch of posts. I'm working backwards, so I still have July 2007-March 2007 to tag.

I was going to start going off about Jeremy Sisto but I need to take a shower and check my laundry so I guess I'll leave.
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I FIGURED OUT THE ENDING FOR MY [ profile] numb3rs_het STORY. One of them, I mean. 1467 words. \o/

I don't even... Haha, I have issues with the whole "beta" thing but I DO want somebody to read through it and tell me if it's okay before I post. So. If you want that someone to be you, let me know. I've already made [ profile] elysium1996 and [ profile] mercilynn read all or most of it, but it might be nice to have some fresh eyes now that it's actually finished.

It's Colby/OFC, BTW. It's kind of that Colby/OFC fic I always wanted to write, except before I wrote it I didn't think it would be like this. Don't be shocked if you see sequels involving sweaters and babies and (more) pie. *cough*
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Early this afternoon, I decided that, since my [ profile] numb3rs_het fics are due in a week, I should probably focus on writing them now, while I only have a little bit of homework assigned. So I figured out what I wanted to write, and I started writing, and now, at the end of the day, I have just over 950 words of Colby/OFC fic.

So, you know. YAY!

(...I know that for some people, writing 950 words in 12 hours is not very impressive, but considering I have only about half a dozen fics TOTAL posted that are over that word count, I am pretty happy with myself. Hee!)

Unfortunately, I have to get up relatively early tomorrow (today), so it's bedtime for me.
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Okay, first of all, sorry, I know this is like my FIFTH post today. I'm making up for my weeks of silence a while back, or something.

(I also apologize for posting a link to ONTD for like... the THIRD time today. But:) Zach Gilford a.k.a. Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights modeling CK for GQ. Holy shit. I didn't even recognize him at first. But then once I did, I looked through all the pictures and read through the comments and now I DESPERATELY want to watch FNL.

I might go dig out my S2 DVDs, even though it's 11 PM. Hmm...

Oh! I'm also happy this evening because 18/30 of the prompts at [ profile] numb3rs_het have been claimed. YAY. Though, this also means that I need to figure out what to write for mine. *ponders* I'm kind of surprised nobody's claimed this one:

22. Genius might be described as a supreme capacity for getting its possessors into trouble of all kinds. - Samuel Butler


Jul. 21st, 2008 05:43 pm
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Okay, I posted the challenge at [ profile] numb3rs_het

*promptly has heart attack*

Please sign up, you guys! Don't make me beg!

...too late.
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You guys, don't let me sign up for [ profile] exchange_n3. Seriously. If I start talking about it, please remind me that the only gen N3 fic I've written have been drabbles. And that I'm really fucking terrible with deadlines. Okay. (Fic challenges/exchanges are like a siren call for me, they're ALWAYS hard to resist.)

On that note! I was thinking about hosting a summer fic challenge at [ profile] numb3rs_het. But, um, I'm paranoid that nobody would sign up. *facepalm* I feel so lame saying this that I'm tempted to flock it, but the TRUTH is, I get slightly disheartened sometimes that the comm has 66 members and gets barely any posts. It makes me think that... it's my fault, somehow? And that I'm a terrible mod? But when I posted welcoming any and all suggestions, I didn't get any, so. I don't know!

But I guess it can't hurt (haha, yes it CAN, when nobody responds) to make a post gauging interest. And I just remembered a cute challenge idea that [ profile] elysium1996 came up with like... over 6 months ago. Heh.

This morning I spent some time contemplating my [ profile] spn_xx fic, or, as I usually think of it, The Nun Fic. But then I realized I have a very sad lack of real knowledge about nuns, so I guess writing that fic will entail doing a lot of research. :-/ Still fun to think about, though!

I'm hoping to get a lot of writing done over the summer! We'll see. Last year I barely wrote ANYTHING during the summer, but... Hm. Anyway, I'm hoping to finish up my [ profile] eppes_slash fic, my [ profile] eppescest fic, my Liz/Amita fic, and this random gen fic with Don and Coop and Charlie. And the various birthday fics I'm promised people, HA. *fails*
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If all goes according to plan, [ profile] neur0vanity will be posting our Coop/Don porn today. \o/

I have a religions test today at 2:30. I finished the section in the book last night, and now I'm going to get dressed, go downtown, possibly grab some coffee (you guys! I have been drinking so much coffee lately! Is this going to kill me? :-/ I could probably just get some juice; I'm not sleepy or anything) and sit down to go over my lecture notes.

I signed up for the [ profile] numb3rswom3n fic challenge last night and immediately started being bombarded by ideas and sentences for the fic I want to write for it. It's Terry-centric, which I'm excited about. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure when I'll be able to write it because I have muchos reading to do. Oh, of course... during history class. ;-)

I feel guilty over neglecting the [ profile] numb3rs_het comm, though it wasn't necessarily designed to be a challenge comm. [ profile] elysium1996 had a cute idea for a challenge so I might post that next week. But I'm also thinking about posting weekly word prompts. Hey, if I start now I can do it every Monday, which feels very... organized. Haha.

Oh, and two things about the SPN DVDs. I watched the WIAWSNB commentary that Kripke did and, okay, that guy dude is really good at commentaries. Haha. When I saw it was just him I thought, Oy, I hope there aren't long lulls of silence since he doesn't have someone else to play off of! But wow, he just goes ON. It was very fun. The only thing I was slightly disappointed about was very slight spoiler for that episode )

The other thing on the DVDs that are very cool are those Devil's Road Map featurettes. Very fun!

Uumm, okay. I'm off to get dressed, e-mail NV, post a prompt at [ profile] numb3rs_het, and then GO. Hope you all have a good day! :-)


Aug. 22nd, 2007 08:49 pm
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I use emoticons a LOT. And I was about to ask if that annoys anybody, but then I realized I wasn't sure what I'd do if any of you said YES, so. Sorry? :-/ (oop, there I go again.)

Had school today, World Religions class. It seems like it'll be interesting. It's kind of crowded. Hm. Our first religion is Hinduism, which I know very little about, so. Yay.

I took a picture of the tree at my bus stop to post at [ profile] teh_everyday, which is a very cool new comm.

I chatted with [ profile] elysium1996 earlier, and we wrote drabbles for each other. Her prompt for me was "Colby and Megan (or Colby/Megan), water." I wrote something that I mostly like, but the first paragraph is kind of crappy, so I want to rework it before I actually post it. I might post it for "Strip" at [ profile] numb3rs100. We'll see. It was really nice to write something again finally! I have a couple of fics due on the 31st so I should, uh, probably get on that.

I have about a billion tabs open in Firefox right now. Hm. I'm tired. I need to take a shower. I have school tomorrow from 1:00-5:30. I wish my classes started earlier than they do, but oh well. At least this way I don't have to be too worried about sleeping in too long. :-)

I've been shamefully neglecting [ profile] numb3rs_het, so I'm going to start posting weekly prompts, if only just to prove that I haven't forgotten about the comm. *is ashamed* Hey, if you have any good prompt ideas, comment or e-mail me. :-D

Man, I feel like there were a ton more things I was going to say here! Huh. Oh. Well. I was thinking about posting that new-old picture of Jensen Ackles wearing glasses... you know, this one? (cut because this pic is an old personal one that was probably stolen from his buddy's webpage, and some people won't want to see it.) )

I don't know why he doesn't wear those more often. Goddamn.
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Okay, it's taken a few weeks for me to get things together enough to actually do this and I'm STILL NERVOUS AS HELL, but [ profile] numb3rs_het is officially open!!!

[ profile] numb3rs_het [ profile] numb3rs_het [ profile] numb3rs_het [ profile] numb3rs_het

Take a look, leave some prompts, give me any comments/questions/suggestions you have, and post all your hot het fic there! :-)


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