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First off, happy birthday [ profile] hoosierbitch! You seem to be a very busy lady so I don't know if you'll even see this, but I hope you're having a good day and, hmmm, here, allow me to offer a little Matt Bomer for your enjoyment...:

boner--I mean, uh! ~Bomer~ )

It's also [ profile] rodlox's birthday! Happy birthday [ profile] rodlox!! :-) You are one of the nicest, sweetest people I know, and I hope you're having a very good day. I didn't have time to write you a fic, but here is a little picspam with some ladies I know you like. (Haha, unlike certain people *cough[ profile] mustangcandicough* I went SFW with these pictures.)

Oh hello Kelly Hu )

JB picspam

Jul. 19th, 2009 06:12 pm
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Hey guys! It's a little after 6 PM on Sunday, and you know what thaaaat means! Time for a mini Jonas Brothers picspam! Yeah!

booooyfriends )


Mar. 23rd, 2009 10:58 pm
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Even though I end up feeling BAD every time I play this game, I'm doing the meme anyway.

1. Comment and I will give you 3 people (if you're okay with both male and female names, let me know in the comment)
2. Post this meme with your answers.
3. Provide pictures and the names of three people
4. Label which you would marry, shag, or cliff

Ashley [ profile] mercilynn gave me three men and three women. Steve Carlson, Aldis Hodge, Chris Bruno, and Alona Tal, Aya Sumika, Navi Rawat )
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SO. I watched My Girlfriend's Boyfriend tonight. It was fun! Not a brilliant movie by any means, but it was fun at the very least because I got to stare at Chris Bruno for an hour and a half. Whatever. I'm easy to please.

I watched it online on Netflix, so it wasn't easy to fine tune my pausing to get good caps. The quality of these isn't great, but if you're a fan I would definitely recommend checking them out. It's fun to see how much he looks like Dylan in a bunch of these, too. Especially numbers 40 and 41, IMO.

Under the cut you will find: 50 caps, all featuring Chris (except for 19 and 20 where he ~disappears~ for a moment). Semi-NSFW because there is much shirtlessness and some relatively tame gay bedroom shenanigans. But no kissing! LAME.

I don't think any of these are probably high quality enough to use for making graphics, but if you want to try, knock yourself out, no credit needed.

Also, spoilers for the movie, obviously. Although, it's not exactly Hitchcock, so if you've read the plot outline at IMDb, I don't know that there's anything in these pictures you wouldn't have figured out already.

Are you bi? No, I'm straight. Gay! Straight gay. )
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Law & Order started up tonight! I had almost forgotten how unbelievably hot I find Cyrus Lupo. I think half of it is the beard, not gonna lie. Nnngh.

...I've been Googling for pictures of Jeremy Sisto I can spam you with and just found one of him playing guitar (!) and two of him resting his hand on Keri Russell's pregnant belly (!!!!!!), so, um. *dies*

Okay, here are the top four hottest male characters on TV, to ME. By "hottest" I mean these are the ones who DO THINGS to me whenever I see them. *cough*

in no particular order )

I don't feel like cutting for spoilers, so I'll be vague, but there was a particular moment on Bones tonight which I enjoyed very much! If you saw it (and know me) I'm sure you can figure out which moment it was. :-)
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In honor of [ profile] mercilynn's 23rd birthday, here's a picspam (or three)!

Part One: 23 pictures of Jensen! )

Part Two: Jared | Part Three: JSquared
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Okay, you guys know those pictures of Jared with a baby lion (RAWR) from, like, yesterday? I'll post them under a cut, in case you haven't seen them: RAWR )

Cute, right? :-) Anyway! For some reason when I look at this lion I think of DEAN, and then in my mind Jared becomes SAM and these pictures are of Sam and lion cub!Dean (and all the girls flocking around Sam to see his pet lion, bwahaha).


(Of course, at the same time, they make me anticipate lots of RPS where a longsuffering Jensen has to put up with Jared coming back to Vancouver, all, "OMG, Jensen, I want to get a BABY LION now. They're so CUTE and SOFT and CUDDLY, you wouldn't BELIEVE it, man. I got to HOLD one, how cool is THAT?" and Jensen has to constantly remind him that they are "WILD ANIMALS, Jared, and they get a lot BIGGER. *SIGH*" And then maybe something about, "You know, I'm soft and cuddly, too," and they have sex. \o/ Because otherwise it would just be RPF. Boring.)
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[ profile] onelittlesleep wanted pictures of Jared. :-)

A LOT of Jared )
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I forgot to change the title of my last post. Heh. :-) Anyway, here she is, along with some bonus Jared (10 pictures under the cut):

Cute as a bug in a rug )

Adorable, y/y? ;-)
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1. I totally just ordered a copy of Just Married for $1.25 from, and I'm totally not ashamed of myself for it. Much.

2. Since obviously I'm studying for my bio exam (what else would I be doing, buying trashy movies online? Puh-leeze), I was reading about endosymbiosis, and according to my study guide:

"A symbiotic relationship is a relationship in which two (or more) organisms live in partnership with each other. In many cases, this kind of partnership becomes so vital that neither of the partners can exist without the other."

Can't imagine why I found that noteworthy. ;-) (We'll ignore the next sentence which says something about "one of the partners living inside the body of the other," because that's a genre of fic I don't really want to get into, please. Although, fuck, now I have images in my head. Damn it!)

3. My teacher is Dutch, and pronounces "microtubule" like "my-crow-toob-uh-lee." (Instead of "my-crow-toob-yule").

4. I leave you with a few pictures of Jared Padalecki. I want one! )

Sorry, apparently where I come from "a few" means "13." You have to admit, the boy's cute. You should be impressed I could stop myself at all.
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[ profile] elysium1996 asked for pictures of Don, so I'm going to post a few in a minute, but first I want to inform anybody who may not be aware that Steve Carlson has a new album out.

You can buy it here. (And by the way, this is as much a pimp of CD Baby as of Steve. I love that website.)

I'll take my fingertips on a trip of your body/With nothing other than my lips to guide me... Remind me again how anybody can *not* buy this album? *happy sigh* Steve Carlson is dead sexy. When I'm stressed, I like to fantasize about running away and joining his band. :-)

Now for 21 pictures of Don! (with cameos by various other cast members) )

And just because she's gorgeous... One of Navi )


ETA: Since I'm talking about how sexy he is, here's a sexy picture of Steve )

But really, half the sex appeal is in his voice. Goddamn. ;-)


Mar. 4th, 2007 03:46 pm
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I have like 60 pages to read by tomorrow morning, and a bit of writing to do. I should probably get on that. But for now, how about some pictures?

More lush!Jensen )

And I think I heard something about a tongue fetish? )

God, I could stare at these all day. *sigh*
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These are the earrings I made a couple days ago. They're for a friend of mine, and she picked out the beads herself from my stash, so they're a little different than what I might have normally have designed/created. But I'm still happy with them.

put behind a cut because the picture's kind of huge )

That was the first picture I've ever posted! :-) Thanks to [ profile] red_tanger, who showed me how. (she's obviously a fantastic teacher!) Now, to keep things rolling, shall we have a picture of Jensen?

Why yes, that sounds good... )


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