Feb. 5th, 2010 09:19 am
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You guys! Reeeeemixxxx:

I Thought You Needed A Permit For That Sort Of Thing (The Exponential Remix) (Ian/Amita, PG-13) by [ profile] emmademarais!

♥ ♥
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I'm not in the Star Trek fandom but this is one of the best things I've ever seen: Spork! An Erotic Love Story, as read by Zachary Quinto. I am in awe.

ETA: I know some people who already had paid/permanent accounts were bummed by the Christmas bonus from LJ this year, but purely selfishly, as someone who had been muddling along with a Plus account but contemplating paying, this was really nice for me! Heh. So now I'm officially paid up and I have all these new available icon spaces and no ADS and the world is beautiful.
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[ profile] emmademarais wrote me this super cute, funny Bones fic for Christmas of last year, and I looove it a lot so I wanted to make sure I posted about it!

And Only Sawdust Crumbs Remained (Temperance, Angela, Zach, Jack, Seeley, PG). A strange holiday gift arrives at the Jeffersonian and perplexes the squints.

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(Are other people getting these full-screen, pop-up Best Buy ads that you have to wait a few seconds to bypass? So fucking annoying, I feel like I need to install some sort of adblock just for them.)

I only have a minute, because I need to go take a quick shower and get ready to meet a friend at 10. I haven't seen her since August, so I'm excited!

But I thought I'd drop a quick rec here, because I just read this fic and it's super cute:

A Father and Son Tradition (David/Colby, OMC, G, 300 words) by [ profile] emmademarais. Colby and his four year old son play with a train set on Christmas morning.
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Sorry for posting again so soon! I wanted to do this meme and then I also remembered that I've been meaning to link to some fics from [ profile] remixthedrabble!

I think I already linked to the two SPN fics that were written for me, but I also ended up receiving A Little Closer (The Recalculated Remix) (Coop/Charlie, PG) by [ profile] emmademarais, which is a very sexy take on my drabble A Little Closer.

Aaaand the fic that I wrote was This Gift Or This Curse (The Reliable Remix) (Sam/Dean, R), a remix of [ profile] dramaqueen469's fic I See Who You Truly Are.

Anyway, here's a meme I grabbed from [ profile] rodlox!

Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile."
· I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity
· Update your journal with the answers to the questions
· Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions

[ profile] rodlox asked me:

1. Who is your favorite solo/duet singer?

That's really hard, because I love a LOT of solo singers, but I think that I'll stick with Mary Chapin Carpenter. I think I've loved her the longest.

2. What was your favorite tv show before Numb3rs?

Probably Arrested Development! But Numb3rs actually isn't my favorite show now, either. Now I would say Friday Night Lights.

3. Which Numb3rs character do you want to say something Jonas Brothers-related?

Hahahaha. It might depend on whether they're saying something positive or negative! But I'll say Don. I think he would be kind of bewildered by them.

4. What is your favorite food?

omgggg.... I haven't had dinner yet and I'm getting hungry thinking about this. Probably Indian food. More specifically, idk, veggie korma or aloo gobhi. ohhh so hungry... damn.

5. Where do you want to go to visit?

HM. I've always wanted to travel all around the U.S., but outside of this country I'd like to check out Holland! I've never been outside the U.S. before.
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Numb3rs people! Go read the fic [ profile] magisterequitum wrote for me: P is for Polish (Liz, G, ~400 words). ♥

Also, here is a Jonas picture:


(I was going to post a different picture that I liked from that batch, but then I realized it had, um, a 16-year-old bulge in it and I felt too awkward about it to post. Sigh.)


Aug. 14th, 2008 11:34 am
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YOU GUYS. Ahahahaha I love this fic so much:

In The Theatre, That Means Good Luck! (Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Zac Efron, PG) by [ profile] th_esaurus.

Please go read it. It's not very long and it's adorable.

Quick rec

Jul. 5th, 2008 07:16 pm
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I read this earlier and really loved it:

A is for Amita's Birthday by [ profile] jelsemium. Rated G, mentions of Charlie/Amita. ~900 words. Summary: Amita drowns her sorrow in caramel macchiatos.

I feel like [ profile] jelsemium is always really clever with her writing, and this story is a very enjoyable example of that. :-)
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[ profile] sororcula's brilliant plan for continued (heh) mental and physical health: Get more than 5 hours of sleep, good Lord.

I had the hardest time getting to sleep last night. PARTLY because of the Jared/Sandy business (which I found upsetting and forced myself to stop reading about at, like... 10--and of course now half the posts are deleted, haha) but partly I just felt achy and crappy and restless and awake. AND! I had started reading this fic... Full Moon, Fast Cars by cottonmouth, and after trying to go to sleep I finally ended up turning on my computer again and finishing it. But hey, at least I didn't read the sequel yet. Heh.

Now I desperately need a shower, and assuming that wakes me up a bit, I think this will hopefully be a good day. As long as I stay away from the Internet. (Which I pretty much intend to do.)

What are y'all's plans for today?

ETA: I realized I should probably mention that the fic I linked to there is a non-wincestuous Sam/Dean AU, and it includes some underage (16-year-old )student/teacher action and non-sexual father/son child abuse, in case any of those things squick people. (But it's really good and you should totally read it.)
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Man, this vid made me miss Jo so bad: Sweet Baby by [ profile] lcsbanana.

I've been meaning to do this for a couple days:

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick four of your icons. I'll do this for whoever wants to respond.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee!

[ profile] mercilynn picked these icons )

That was kind of fun. :-)

UGH, I keep forgetting and then remembering that SCHOOL starts again tomorrow. Just thinking about my math class makes me want to cry. I imagine we'll be getting our tests back tomorrow, so, you know... Don't be surprised if I'm really DEPRESSED tomorrow. :-(

OTOH, tomorrow is [ profile] mercilynn's BIRTHDAY, so it won't be all bad. :-D I'm attempting to write Jensen/Chad for her, hahaha.

I've actually written two SPN drabbles in the last week, but I've been too nervous to post either of them. I'm a lot more intimidated by the SPN fandom than the N3 fandom, I think.

meta rec

Feb. 23rd, 2008 11:23 am
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I'm going to be gone for the day, but here's a little meta rec for y'all:

Supernatural: Woman (Not) the Hunter by [ profile] coffeeandink. I love what she has to say here about Jo and Ellen and their treatment and roles on the show.
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I keep forgetting that I added [ profile] writing_sex to my flist, and then a post will show up with a subject line like Makeshift Dildos and I sort of blink and say, "Oh. Right!"

I don't really have much to say here, because mostly what I've been doing the last few days has been lazing around. I finished catching up on House, though, so that's good. (Although. Now what will I watch when I need to procrastinate? hmmmm.) I also read a lot more fic than I had in awhile, and they kept being awesome, so here are some recs:

Something Borrowed, Something Blue by [ profile] belyste. Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 38,000 words. Summary: When Jared desperately needs a date for his brother's wedding, he hires an escort. Jensen's the perfect fake boyfriend, except pretty soon things get a little too real. Based on "The Wedding Date." You all know how much I love fic clichés, and "pretend-to-be-dating" is one of my all-time favorites, so I adored this fic. It's very well-written, with a nice bit of UST and fantastic sex scenes.

Land's End by [ profile] janissa11. Dean, gen, PG-13/R. No word count given, but I'd estimate a couple thousand words a chapter for five chapters (following chapters are linked at the end of each one). Pre-series. Dean goes to work on a crab fishing ship. It's FANTASTIC. I guess it's sort of a crossover with Deadliest Catch, but not having seen that doesn't matter.

Croup by [ profile] janissa11. John and Dean, gen, pre-series. The author says it's G, but I'd call it at least PG for language. 1,918 words. Summary: Dean's sick, and John's doing his best. Yeah. This fic pretty much breaks my heart.

In the quicksand and the clay by [ profile] elohvee. Sam/Dean, NC-17, 3,600 words. After a drunken first time, Dean feels guilty and Sam has to convince him to give it a go (my summary, obviously, haha. I'm sure the author's would be more beautifully written). This fic isn't perfect--the writing feels almost too vague and sparse in a couple of places, to the point of being confusing, BUT, it's beautifully written and the point certainly comes across and the sex is wickedly hot.

And here are two amazing 3x11 codas:

Tuesday's Gone by [ profile] dontyouwaitup. Sam/Dean, R, 7,000 words. Sam's different, and Dean is in turns frustrated, nervous, and confused. In the end there's kissing. \o/ Really gorgeous story, and a perfect coda to the episode.

North of Wednesday by [ profile] merryish. Sam/Dean, PG, 3,700 words. Dean gets it. Beautiful fic. I'm not sure how two different codas can both be so perfect, but I'm not going to question it if it means getting to read things like this. ;-)

Oh, wait, here's one more rec:

Five Ways Sam and Dean Have Had Sex (1/5) by [ profile] ifyouweremine. Sam/Dean, NC-17, 1,295 words. Probably like... the third dirtiest thing I've ever read. Warnings: Fisting, snowballing, size-differential kink, bottom!Dean, sloppy all-day sex. (Those are the author's warnings. I'll add one for POV change toward the end. But just... ignore that.)

AND! Haha, I've been meaning to rec this for two months, so, you know. I fail. Have some Numb3rs fic:

Aurora and After by [ profile] emmademarais. Don/Coop/OFC, Don/OFC, Coop/OFC, Don/Coop. NC-17. Probably a couple thousand words. Emma wrote this for my birthday, when I requested Don and Coop fucking girls while the other was in the room, leading up to them sharing a girl and eventually fucking each other. Really fucking hot and awesome, with a fun OFC.

(I just realized I don't think I commented on all of these. I suck so much.)

I've been feeling like I'm maybe getting a cold, ugh ugh. And I have to get dressed and go to school in a little while. And it's raining here today. *siiiigh*

[ profile] mustangcandi, when I get home I expect to see a comment from you saying, "Oh, you Catholics with your snowballing." ;-)
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Quick Numb3rs fic rec: Good Morning by [ profile] math888 (rated G, 250 words, babyfic). CUTE.

I got to play with babies tonight, which was tons of fun. :-) I also got to have a chat with [ profile] mercilynn about babies and baby daddies and the cooking skills thereof. Ha.

[ profile] numb3rs_newyear fics are being posted tomorrow, and I'm very excited. When they're posted, I want you all to go read them and tell me which one I wrote. Because I think it's obvious, but I want to make sure. (And hey, there are a couple people participating who I don't know! Maybe they have styles exactly like mine! That would be something.)

I keep seeing the [ profile] numb3rs100 Rewind prompts listed and I want to, like, write ANOTHER series for them. It's ridiculous. I just really LIKE these prompts. And I actually wrote a drabble for "room key" back in the day that I never posted, so now I keep thinking I should use the other ones to make a series. Or, yeah, I actually have a couple other very very vague ideas. *sigh* (I'm not actually going to write them. I might study for my math test, though! Haha.)

Finally, uh, I don't really know the etiquette for this, but I was nominated at [ profile] numb3rs_awards, so, you know... Thanks, to whoever was responsible for that. :-)

And, okay, yeah, I'm going to bed now so I don't fall asleep in class tomorrow.

Oh SHIT, I just thought of an awesome way to make a Rewind series. Damn it. Or maybe it wouldn't work. *ponders*
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So I don't know about YOU guys, but when I see a fic with the pairing "Sam/goats" I don't think that there's even really an OPTION to not click on it. Billy Goat's Muff by [ profile] longhairedlady (unrequited Sam/goats, PG-13.) This is a fucking hilarious story, and I would like you all to go read it. :-D
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Dirty, dirty wincest porn.

ETA: Okay, I will make this a proper rec. :-)

One Hundred Calories Per Serving (Or Why Sam Winchester Hates Vegetables) by [ profile] albydarned. Dean/Sam, NC-17. Hot. Potentially squicky, I suppose, so, uh: warning for food play. :-)
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I just signed up for [ profile] numb3rs_newyear. Now you should, too! :-)

[ profile] darkkevlar reminded me tonight that we wrote a bit of Don/Mack chat porn awhile back that we need to spruce up and post.

I have no eggnog. :-(

OH. I read one of the hottest SPN fics I've read in awhile tonight! I'm sure y'all must know by now that M/F/M threesomes are kind of a kink of mine, so...: Like Staring Into The Sun 'verse by [ profile] thenyxie (Sam/Dean/OFC, Sam/Dean. NC-17.) So fucking hot it's ridiculous.

I spent part of today trying to figure out which classes to register for. So far I'm thinking Spanish 1B and Intro to Statistics (I know. *makes face*) but I'm not sure about the other two yet.


Sep. 14th, 2007 01:02 pm
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You guys, [ profile] eboniorchid just posted Jared Padalecki/Zac Efron porn. YES. And it's HOT.

Unrelatedly, I have this weird thing with fruit (or, well, with a lot of foods, actually) where I tend to forget how delicious it is until I'm eating it. I just rediscovered how awesome apples are. nyom nyom nyom.

(Haha, kind of like Britney Spears music! Because she just came on my iTunes and I went, wow, this is an awesome song!)
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Fuck me, I'm such an idiot. I have a 5 page paper due Wednesday morning at 10:30. It's now 1:05 AM. I have a little under 2 pages written.

Fuck you, awesome fanfiction. You are going to be the death of my GPA. *sulks*

That said, everybody go read one of the things I procrastinated with earlier:

Dean is a Douchetard: He Just Doesn't Know What That Means Yet by [ profile] onelittlesleep. R for crudeness, otherwise gen. Awesome and hilarious, and I found myself identifying with Sam just a little too much at times. ;-)
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Y'all HAVE to check out [ profile] spn_secretpost if you haven't already. So cool. I have an idea for one (or maaaaybe two) that I really want to make, but I feel like I ought to work on my essay first. (HA.)

There are so many Grand Canyon ones and they all hurt like hell.

And as much as they also hurt, I'm tickled to see so many San Francisco-related cards. Makes me want to take a BART trip over there.

But. Yeah. Essay. :-P

Also, it's Sunday and I was thinking about uploading some gospel music later. Maybe some Johnny Cash. Let me know if you'd be interested, although I might do it even if no one comments. :-)
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So [ profile] star_dancer54 posted about just having discovered "The Plight of Clownana," and it made me realize that perhaps everyone hasn't seen this short film!

Consider it an hors d'oeuvre (yes I did have to look up the spelling, shut up) of sorts to Jensen on Kimmel tonight, because as suave and cool as I'm SURE he'll be, you can watch with the knowledge that he once got his ass kicked by a guy in a testicle costume. \o/

Part One
Part Two

(Jensen's the one driving the truck, fyi. The film also features Christian Kane and Riley Smith, if you're familiar with them, and was created by a guy who I believe has been friends with Jensen since high school, Chris Dowling.)

I've watched it at least four tiems, and it never fails to make me laugh my ass off. :-)

Also, my bio test went alright. There are a few questions I know I got right, and a bunch I felt like I was just guessing on, so... we'll see. :-)

I met up with one of my lab partners after our (separate) English classes and we went and grabbed some bagels and then took them to the park where we ate and studied, with brief conversational interludes.

I got sunburned on one half of my face because of the angle of where I was sitting in relation to the sun. Oh well!

My daddy trimmed my hair this evening and got rid of all the split ends. Now it's about three inches shorter and kind of flippy. *flips hair (not really 'cause it's pinned up)* Now I just want to dye it. I was joking about dying it bright pink, as a guy in my bio class has done to his (before putting it in a kickass mohawk), and my mom was all, "At least don't do it before Grandma's birthday!"

To which I said, "OMG, I can't believe you're stifling my personal expression and creativity!!!" Hee.

If I do dye it, it'll probably be a darker shade of brown or maybe something slightly reddish. HM. (I've never dyed my hair on my own before, though--I've always had my sister or friend do it, and they're AWAY from me! *cries*)

Finally! I was chatting with [ profile] elysium1996 earlier, using my Sandra McCoy icon, and she asked who it was, and after explaining that she's Jayred's girlfriend, I told her I'd do a mini-picspam tonight. So. I'll post this now, and you can all go watch Clownana, and when you come back I'll have a new post for the picspam. :-)


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