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I just misread this sentence, "The earliest European settlers had marveled at the 'merchantable commodities' of America, from the glittering silver mines of the Spanish empire to the continent's plentiful hardwood forests" as, "The earliest European settlers had marveled at the... plentiful hardwood floors." You can imagine my confusion.
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Man! Creating original characters and plot is harder than fanfiction. WHO KNEW.
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Done done done done done done done.
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In the last six hours I have had: a venti caramel brulee latte, a small chai latte, and a 12 oz coke.

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Well I'm ready for a nap.
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I'm attempting to engage in some serious emotion work today. Mainly by telling myself that nobody ever got anything done by taking a defeatist attitude. Right.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose, y'all!

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to go attempt the impossible. Be back Friday.

And hey, when I come back I'll even answer [ profile] nantahala's questions for that meme I agreed to do like a... week ago... *cough*
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Haha, oh man, I just had a midterm and that was NOT enough time for that many questions. Usually I'm one of the last to leave during exams, but this time there were still a lot of people there up to the last minute, so I know that OBJECTIVELY it was not enough time. Yikes. But I don't care! I'm just happy to be done with it. :-)

In other news, the [ profile] numb3rs_awards winners were announced today, and I won Best Het Series for You've Got What Gets Me et al., which is pretty crazy because those are some of the most purely self-indulgent fics I've ever written, haha. Anyway, I'm very pleased that other people liked them, too. ♥

Aaaand, I have a bunch of fandom ROCKSTARS on my flist, and don't even have time to name all the people who won things, so everybody who won and/or was nominated, please pat yourself on the back for me! :-)
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omg, you guys. I'm at Starbucks and I just witnessed the CUTEST father-son interaction. This guy had a little boy (maybe 5ish?) and was looking through a local magazine/events guide type thing and guiding the kid into sounding out the words and reading them (and was SO SWEET AND PATIENT AND ENCOURAGING about it, like, Boy: "but I can't guess!" Dad: "We're not guessing, we're sounding it out...") and THEN they had a conversation where he explained what the Super Bowl was, and THEN as they were leaving he held the door for the kid and waited for him to finish his drink and he had this gorgeous FOND SMILE on his face while he watched him and it killed me, basically.

It was really cute.

Anyway. Now I'm trying to figure out if this is an example of sublimation or desublimation. :-/
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[ profile] rubynye linked to this and I just signed up. Hopefully I won't regret it, haha.

Classes have started! So far so good. Lots of reading.
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ACK. I am SO BEHIND in my schoolwork/reading, and that is starting to make me TOTALLY STRESSED OUT because I just absolutely literally have no time to do the things that I am supposed to have done this week. Ugh ugh ugh.

Also, I missed [ profile] rodlox's birthday yesterday, so, happy belated birthday, dude! I hope you had a nice day. :-)

Okay. Gonna go home now and read, I guess. Oh loooord.
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Haha, okay. I came to Starbucks to do some stuff online, and I sat at a table outside near a couple of boys who I think were high school students? Anyway, I couldn't help but overhear their conversation and it went something like this:

Dude A: When I came back [to school] everybody was coming up to me, like even kids I'd never met before, all, "You're Dylan So-n-so, right?" and I was like...
Dude B: Yeah, that's 'cause I didn't stop talking about you the whole time you were gone, talking about all the crazy shit we did Junior year...

(OR SOMETHING. But the main point is that the other boy was freely admitting that he talked about this kid CONSTANTLY to EVERYBODY because he missed him.)

And then I noticed that they were sharing a frappuccino. And in between my fears that they were going to give each other SWINE FLU, I thought that was kind of sweet.

(True story: I just accidentally wrote SWINCE FLY instead of swine flu. Whoops!)

And THEN, a guy went into the Starbucks pushing a double stroller with babies in it and they were very cute, so that was good.

My midterm yesterday went alright! It was definitely not as hard as it could have been, but there were still a couple of things I messed up on. Overall, though, not too bad. I have another on Monday and then next Thursday, so. Aaaagh.
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I got up this morning at 5 AM because I wasn't quite up to doing my homework last night and I had to do it this morning before 7:30 when I had to catch the bus to go to school. SO. I'm really tired, now, and kind of just... sitting here browsing [ profile] ontd_political and trying not to fall asleep.

Hmm. I felt like I had more to say here...

Tomorrow I'm going to see Whip It with my sister and possibly one of her roommates.

How are you guys? I've been trying to browse my flist every few days, but I'm sure I've missed Important Things.

...alright. I think I'll go get some coffee now. I have history class from 2-3:10, but on Fridays we always watch a film, which tbh might make me even sleepier than a lecture would. Heh.
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Heeey fizellas!

Okay, first of all: There is this fellow named Ron Pope who just released a new single on iTunes, "A Drop In The Ocean." This is me officially pimping it. It's not my FAVORITE SONG in the world, but it's lovely and I think he's very talented and charming. His record deal is brand-spankin'-new and I think it would be nice to see him successful. Also, he posts Tweets like Trying to "pick myself up by the bootstraps" is failing. Thinking about taking off the boots and drinking a bottle of red wine barefoot. which frankly is a philosophy I can get behind.

Ugh, I can't believe I used the word "fellow." I'm turning into my father. :-/

Aaaanyway. I'm kind of tired right now. Overall I think it's been a pretty good day, though. Yesterday we had, like, torrential rain, but today we only had a little bit, so I didn't get soaked. Now I'm online for a little bit because I need to e-mail one of my TAs, and then I need to go home and do some reading and writing.

I need to decide whether to stop by a burrito place I keep walking by but haven't been in yet for dinner, or whether to go home and forage for something... Hmm.
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Uggh, I am not in a good mood. I need to write up something for a class and then I need to find something NICE and RELAXING and PLEASANT to do because oy vey, I feel a headache coming on.

You guys should tell me jokes to put me in a good mood. Here's one I read the other day:

Q. Why did the tofu cross the road?
A. To prove it wasn't chicken!

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[Poll #1398437]

Hi, yes, I am slightly pissed off about this.
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as usual these days, me complaining about schoolwork. Snip )

ETA: Haha, WTF. Hanson just posted to Twitter: "Just finished a great drum take. Things are going really well. Time for dinner." with a link to this picture, which is kind of WEIRDING ME OUT. Stop looking like a serial killer, Taylor! Yikes.
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Ugh, I'm so fucked. I have to turn in an outline for a speech tomorrow, but I can't come up with a topic! (much less an outline.) It's supposed to be informative (as opposed to persuasive) and 5-6 minutes long. It would be easiest to do something I know about, but everything I know about is LAME and EMBARRASSING. I'm not about to go up and deliver five minutes on Jeremy Sisto. Haha.

I actually think that Twitter would be a good subject, but I continue to be mystified by it. Maybe I could BS an outline and then educate myself in the next week? :-/

Ideas? I feel like there must be something out there that's really obvious that I'm just not thinking of.

(If anyone cares, I am not watching SPN tonight. Maybe tomorrow night? I watched Bones, though. It was... alright. I had some minor issues with it.)
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I have been studying for hours and am still not done OMG (I am possibly going to do TERRIBLY on my midterm tomorrow, ACK) so I figured I'd take a break and post an utterly worthless poll.

I like jewelry! I'm not wearing any right now, but OTOH I've basically been wearing sweatpants all day so it might be weird if I was. I especially like making jewelry. I made two pairs of earrings for my friend's birthday last week but I forgot to take pictures before I sent them to her, so I'm going to have to ask her to do it for me so I can post them and show you guys.

[Poll #1356436]

I've been downloading various TV shows all day (but not watching them! I swear! I'm studying!) and my download speeds keep dropping to like 10 KB/sec. Laaaame.

Okay. I'm off to read about the discovery of child abuse. :-/
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I didn't watch Bones or Supernatural tonight, because I figured I should, like... do homework instead. Laaaaame. I didn't really get much done. But a little bit! I had a busy day and have been kind of exhausted since about 6 PM. *sigh*

I did finally watch this week's Leverage, though! That was pretty awesome. I have SO much love for Hardison, it is kind of unbelievable.

In his inauguration speech, President Obama (how long till I get used to saying that? Haha) said, "...we have duties to ourselves, our nation and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character than giving our all to a difficult task." I think I need to post that in big letters on my wall where I can always see it and be inspired. ;-) Because right now I am NOT feeling satisfied/inspired/motivated by attempting to work on the difficult tasks I have.

I feel like my eyes are burning from lack of sleep. That's probably not a good sign.
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I don't understand, how can I feel sicker TODAY than I did yesterday?? Ugh. Not cool. The ~arrow of time~ must be flying backwards.

My friend just texted me a few minutes ago with: "I hate my communications class!" :-( I'm taking the same class but from a different teacher, so... We'll see.


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