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Look, I don't ship Dean/Castiel, but if I made a fanmix for them, "Unusual You" by Britney Spears would DEFINITELY be on it.

Baby, you're so unusual
Didn't anyone tell you, you're supposed to
Break my heart?
I expect you to, so why haven't you?
Maybe you're not even human 'cause,
Only an angel could be so unusual
Sweet surprise, I could get used to
Unusual you

Been so many things when I was someone else
Boxer in the ring, tryin' to defend myself
And the private eyes see what's going on
That's long gone

When I'm with you I can just be myself
You're always where you say you will be
Shocking 'cause I never knew love like this
Could exist
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Haha, okay, so I was checking out this post about fannish events of 2009 and I came to

Supernatural; Dean/Sam staying strong, Dean/Castiel growing strong, lots of tinhat activity in J2 fandom as boys first buy a house together, and then get engaged within a month of each other.

and all I can think is, " Jared engaged now? Did I know about this?" haha.

so...? y/n?
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I can't decide if I'm going to watch SPN this season. I guess I... probably will. It's the last, right? So I should. I've been less spoilerphobic about the upcoming season, so I've seen a few things about it, and... there was one thing that I thought was cool and made me want to watch it, and a couple of things that I didn't really have an opinion on, and then one video clip that I couldn't even get through.

I also still haven't watched the last two episodes of last season, and although I know bits and pieces of what happened in them, I've actually remained surprisingly unspoiled! And I was going to say "thank you, fandom" but I realized I haven't really been hanging out in SPN fandomy places much. Still! Anyway, I obviously would want to watch those before the new season starts.

Ah well, whatever, I guess I've talked myself into it. But, um. Usually I watch SPN with my dad, so I can curl up into him if it gets too ghosty, but now I'll be living alone... I'm such a scaredy-cat I have an EARLY MORNING CLASS on Friday, so I might not watch the episodes live on Thursday. Maybe, um. Wait until a nice sunny afternoon. Yeah. Because of my classes.

SO: Those of you who are going to watch SPN S5: What makes you MOST EXCITED about SPN coming back? (But no spoilers, please. I am talking about things like "Sam and Dean's faces!" and "Sam and Dean's tears!" and "the guns! The car!" etc.)

(I also still haven't watched last season's finale of Numb3rs, but I saw somebody say that Liz makes an Ian/Colby joke, so I'm pretty pleased about that.)
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I can't decide whether to watch SPN tonight or wait and download it. On the one hand, I have homework... On the other hand I desperately don't want to DO my homework. So... I guess I will watch it! Good times.

(The muffins I made earlier are very tasty, FYI.)
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Ahaha, I find Misha really kind of charming in these Australia Con videos. He called some guy a dick when the dude asked him who was a better actor, Jensen or Jared! Awesome.

Yes, it is 3 AM. I don't know what to tell you.
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Oh GOD, I am less than two minutes into SPN 4x18 and I'm already feeling mortified.


ETA2: Okay, I finished it, and it was... an interesting episode, but I will DEFINITELY never be able to watch the first 10 minutes again. Ever. At Dean's spoiler ) line, I literally choked out a horrified yelp of PAIN. SOUL PAIN. FROM MY HEART. Good lord.
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I think I momentarily forgot that I'm two episodes behind on SPN, and I figured I'd check out some of the Con stuff, but was promptly spoiled at the first link I clicked on. Whoops! So no more con reports, but I figured the karaoke videos were probably safe, so...

I haven't really been interested in Leverage RPF. I haven't, like, hated the thought, but I also haven't really read any or considered it or anything. But I just watched a video of Aldis Hodge doing "Sweet Home Alabama" and all I can think is, CHRISTIAN KANE WOULD BE SO PROUD. I think there should be fic about that.


Mar. 11th, 2009 01:00 pm
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This ad just showed up on the side of the page when I went to Facebook:

Oh, goodness.
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Shit, it's probably partly because I've had a long day, but I definitely just shed a few tears over Kim Manner's death. :-( God.
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Story of my life, man, write a fic and then take longer to find a title than I did to write it. *headdesk*

Title: Sooner Or Later
Pairing: girl!Dean/Jo
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jo is blonde like she is.
Word Count: 150
Spoilers: I guess 2x02, 2x05, 2x06 (basically, the ones Jo was in)
Notes/Warnings: Unbetaed. Originally posted here, written for Comment Porn Month. Title from Patty Griffin.
Prompt: Desperate
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, nor do I profit from their use here. This is only for fun.

sooner or later you will )
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Hahaha, oh dear, I just started attempting to read this fic in public and quickly discovered what a terrible idea that was. OMG.

SPN 4x10

Nov. 20th, 2008 10:15 pm
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Potentially squee-harshing? Um. )
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Finally watched SPN! spoilers )

I have eaten so much candy tonight, man. It's getting ridiculous.

SPN 4x04

Oct. 9th, 2008 10:09 pm
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This icon is totally unrelated to the episode, but I still have no neutral-emotion SPN icons, haha.

spoilers )

SPN 4x01!

Sep. 18th, 2008 10:13 pm
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I need more mood-neutral SPN icons! Man.

spoilers! )
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When you see this, post a Supernatural quote in your LJ.

Dean: How'd you get here?
Sam: I, uh, I stole a car.
Dean: Haha! That's my boy!


I'm kind of excited about the SPN premiere, I guess, but... not really. School this week so far has not been great for me, so I'm kind of... just, ugh, not in a good mood.

I'm going to sign up for the fic challenge at [ profile] n3_donmegan later tonight, but I need to figure out what cliché to pick. Hmm.
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There's this lady in the SPN fandom who has tagged on every fic that has ever been listed in [ profile] spnnewsletter. Which, considering that they just posted the 900th edition, is a lot of fics.

Seeing a post about that tonight gave me the urge to do it for the Numb3rs fandom. QUICK, PLEASE TELL ME NOT TO DO IT. I mean, not that it would be remotely the huge undertaking that it must be in the SPN fandom, but I'm already not reading my geography textbook, you know? :-/

Speaking of not doing homework, you should check out the Fall Fandom Free-For-All if you haven't yet. I was poking around there earlier and ended up writing a tiny little something. For the request: Sam/Dean KISSING FIC!!! hot wet kisses everywhere, bars, libraries, hunts, in donut shops in front of disgruntled little old ladies, EVERYWHERE. (oh and they can have sex too if you must ;))

125 words of Sam/Dean kissing. PG-13. )

Firefox updated itself tonight so I'm using 3.0.1 now and I'm not sure I like it yet. I don't know, it's just so different! It's weird! I don't know about this whole "change" dealy.

I only added about 100 words to my [ profile] numb3rs_het fic today. *sigh* (But! That brings it up to 1300 words, and I think I'll be able to finish it by Sunday, so it's okay.) I keep seeing new challenges I want to sign up for and having to stop myself.


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