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I had to get an extension on my [ profile] numb3rs_newyear fic, and I thought it was just because I was rusty writing slash (or Numb3rs, or fanfiction at all), and because of all my homework, but it turned out once I just stopped trying to force myself to write something I could barely picture and didn't really like, and replotted the fic with an entirely different pairing and situation, uhh, it got a lot easier! So that's done with, finally.

Okay, here are some burning questions I've had on my mind...

[Poll #1669739]

For the record, my choices are, for White Collar Tim DeKay, and for TOH, Richard Tretheway. I can't help it, you guys. I can't. Help it.

(oh, p.s. I haven't gotten to watch last night's White Collar yet, so no spoilers please!)

ETA: In honor of Parks & Recreation coming back tomorrow night, a video from Funny or Die: Rob Lowe Goes Nuts (contains swearing!)

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Jan. 5th, 2011 03:31 pm
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Do any of you watch Parenthood? I'm guessing you're all probably too cool for that, but if you do let me know so I can talk to you about how amazing it is, especially my girl Haddie. My heart broke for her last night!
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There's a poll at E!Online in which Supernatural and Community are up against each other for Best TV Show of 2010. (My loyalties have shifted such that I voted for Community, obviously.) Right now it's at Community 49.4% and SPN 50.6%, so I suppose it's ~anybody's game~ although I'm pretty sure SPN fans are a lot crazier than Community ones. Anyway, the point of this post is that I scrolled down to check out the comments on the poll and once again was startled at how fucking SRS BSNS this kind of thing is to some people. Yikes.

But my blueberry pancakes turned out tasty. :-)
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Aaahhhhh, I just read a spoiler for Bones and I'm not sure how to feel! Also, I'm still like four episodes behind on White Collar, so I should probably... get on that...
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There is basically no fandom for the show Trauma, which is sad because I love it. As an expression of that love, I present 19 icons from episode 1x03 Bad Day at Work. There will probably be more to come, because I have more bases to play with, but I got too impatient to wait to post these!

As usual, I make no claims to any actual competence in icon-making. Nobody else was making any so I figured I'd step up, haha.

[04] Marisa
[04] Nancy
[02] Rabbit
[02] Nancy&Rabbit
[02] Boone&Tyler
[01] Boone
[01] Tyler
[01] Glenn
[01] Diana
[01] Title credits

Yes, I probably spent more time on these than homework. My bad. )
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Trauma is getting canceled? I guess that's what happens when I'm the only person watching, haha. SIGH. Ah well.
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Did anybody watch Law & Order last night?? Oh godddd.... SIGH. (The FIRST episode of the season from last week, though, omg, so much love for Jack McCoy.)

I also caught up on Glee last night! It is ridiculous how hot I find the bad-boy character with the little mohawk. I don't know his name but mmmmm, he is hot.
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I can't decide if I'm going to watch SPN this season. I guess I... probably will. It's the last, right? So I should. I've been less spoilerphobic about the upcoming season, so I've seen a few things about it, and... there was one thing that I thought was cool and made me want to watch it, and a couple of things that I didn't really have an opinion on, and then one video clip that I couldn't even get through.

I also still haven't watched the last two episodes of last season, and although I know bits and pieces of what happened in them, I've actually remained surprisingly unspoiled! And I was going to say "thank you, fandom" but I realized I haven't really been hanging out in SPN fandomy places much. Still! Anyway, I obviously would want to watch those before the new season starts.

Ah well, whatever, I guess I've talked myself into it. But, um. Usually I watch SPN with my dad, so I can curl up into him if it gets too ghosty, but now I'll be living alone... I'm such a scaredy-cat I have an EARLY MORNING CLASS on Friday, so I might not watch the episodes live on Thursday. Maybe, um. Wait until a nice sunny afternoon. Yeah. Because of my classes.

SO: Those of you who are going to watch SPN S5: What makes you MOST EXCITED about SPN coming back? (But no spoilers, please. I am talking about things like "Sam and Dean's faces!" and "Sam and Dean's tears!" and "the guns! The car!" etc.)

(I also still haven't watched last season's finale of Numb3rs, but I saw somebody say that Liz makes an Ian/Colby joke, so I'm pretty pleased about that.)
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Has anybody else watched this show Warehouse 13 on the SciFi SyFy channel? I just watched the first five episodes on Hulu earlier. It's not a GREAT show, but it's entertaining and it has that sort of... I think it's good for people like me who would ENJOY The X-Files but are too scaredy-cat to actually watch The X-Files. Warehouse 13 is a little bit scary-creepy sometimes but not really.

Anyway! The two main characters are Secret Service agents, and they've got the same male/female partner interactions as every other show on television. I think we're supposed to ship them, maybe, and I DO, to some extent, but I also like Pete/Leena and Daniel Dickinson/Myka. Heh. If you watch it tell me what you think!

I mentioned last week that I was going to be seeing (500) Days of Summer, and [ profile] magisterequitum asked me to tell her if I liked it, so: Yes! I liked it. It's a good movie. It's also a fun, creative movie, and I really like how it's constructed and composed. The ending... left me wanting? a LITTLE bit? Maybe? But I'm also not really sure what I would change about it. Anyway, there were two scenes that MADE the movie for me, they filled me with such pure joy. They were: spoilers ) Anyway, I came out of it basically wondering how Joseph Gordon-Levitt can be quite SO charming and attractive.

Also, I remember seeing an interview with him from when they were filming and he said that every morning on his way to work he'd listen to Zooey Deschanel's CD, which I think is kind of lovely and sweet. They were really cute together! IDK, I think some people don't like her, but I'm a fan.
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Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and then answer the following questions. Don't cheat!

1. Numb3rs
2. Leverage
3. Psych
4. Friday Night Lights
5. Bones

Questions and my answers )
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Why did they air four episodes of Royal Pains and then stop? Where are the other episodes? When will it come back? Ack. I kind of dig this show.

I ALSO dig, um... Wizards of Waverly Place, which I've been watching the last couple of days. Everybody on that show is so charming/hilarious! And I... Look, I'll just be honest here, I can see how some people might ship Justin/Alex. SORRY.
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This is a terrible blind item that was revealed to be about Castle. You might not want to read it! (It's not spoilery, but it is suggesting that all is not well in paradise, and there is profane name-calling involved. UM.)

draaaamaaaa )

There are some CRAZY firecrackers going off in my neighborhood right now.
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The thing that makes me laugh about the Star Trek RPS fandom compared to the CW RPS fandom is that, while CW RPSers photoshop pictures of, like, Jensen sucking Jared's cock, ST RPSers photoshop pictures of Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto WALKING NEXT TO EACH OTHER. (I am also a little disappointed in myself that I knew that was photoshopped almost immediately.)

I watched the first two episodes of Royal Pains tonight! Is anybody else watching this show? It's kind of fun. And I adore Paulo Costanzo, so.

I also adore Michael Rady (Kostas from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!), as I have discovered from watching Swingtown, so now I'm downloading Greek. He doesn't show up until S2 but I'm a stickler for watching things in order, so I figure I'll start with S1. I've heard it's a good show, anyway!
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Attraction to Eddie Vedder: Newly discovered.
Girlcrush on Anne Hathaway: Reaffirmed.

(Also, yay Jimmy Fallon for speaking out in support of gay marriage on his show! ♥)

Also! This is my first post since uploading my new mood theme. It makes me happy.
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Look, I'm not gonna lie, I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED the new Jonas Brothers TV show. It's so funny! And they keep making fun of how Nick never smiles! Lulz.

I also enjoyed this video, which somebody posted in the comments at [ profile] ohnotheydidnt (ETA: video not necessarily SFW due to bleep-worthy language. Shocking! Also maybe not safe for Kevin-lovers. Bwahaha.):

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How did I not know that Anna on SPN is the actress who plays Hildy on Mad Men??

Haha, I left this open for like 20 minutes hoping I'd come up with something else to add to the post, but NOPE, that's it.
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So, on the ONE hand, I have like, idk, a good 15 episodes of various TV shows to catch up on. But on the OTHER hand, I just realized that I have time to read books! For fun! So, I'm going to go take a quick shower and then head to the library. Sweet!

(I did watch a couple of things last night, though. I found Parks and Recreation 1x01 DELIGHTFUL, plus I was thrilled that Amy Poehler's character had America's Women displayed prominently on the shelf behind her desk, AND that the episode passed the Bechdel test.

I also watched The Mentalist 1x18, which was... weird?)


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