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omg, you guys. I'm at Starbucks and I just witnessed the CUTEST father-son interaction. This guy had a little boy (maybe 5ish?) and was looking through a local magazine/events guide type thing and guiding the kid into sounding out the words and reading them (and was SO SWEET AND PATIENT AND ENCOURAGING about it, like, Boy: "but I can't guess!" Dad: "We're not guessing, we're sounding it out...") and THEN they had a conversation where he explained what the Super Bowl was, and THEN as they were leaving he held the door for the kid and waited for him to finish his drink and he had this gorgeous FOND SMILE on his face while he watched him and it killed me, basically.

It was really cute.

Anyway. Now I'm trying to figure out if this is an example of sublimation or desublimation. :-/


Aug. 28th, 2009 12:09 pm
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Aldishodge02 spent the entire plane ride next to an adorable 1 yr old baby girl. she kept taking my sketch pad haha


When are we going to have THE BABYSITTING JOB? There doesn't even need to be a con, okay, just a BABY, please.
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I know nothing about Cam Gigandet except that he's in Twilight and he's kind of hot, but this is one of the best pictures I've ever seen of ANYBODY even if it is a pap shot.


(Speaking of men with babies, supposedly Jeremy Sisto had a baby a few months ago and Wikipedia says her name is Charlie Ballerina, but there's no source cited. SO! Hmmm. Haha.)
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You guys, if you are looking for CUTENESS this morning, check out this post [ profile] freaky_nea made at [ profile] wolf_tickets asking for your favorite David/Colby episodes. As a little TYFYT she added a picture from the n3 100 episodes party of Alimi and Dylan with their (respective) daughter and son and it is the CUTEST THING EVER.
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Eee, I love these: Appliqued baby pajamas. So cute.

Hmm, speaking of cute/pretty/crafty things, I need to make or obtain a birthday present for my sister. *ponders*
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I'm totally still NOT here, and I'm not checking my flist, and I'm now officially three (!!!) episodes behind on Supernatural, but I have a draft of my speech completed (fuckin' 850 words, no wonder it took me all day to write), and I just found this post at some dude's knitting blog and it's the funniest thing ever, so I just HAVE to link to it:

"You never think about how difficult it is to get your hands on a baby until you really need one in a hurry...."
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I'm sorry, I know I'm totally creepy about pictures of Joel/Nicole and Harlow, but this is REALLY CUTE. *siiigh*

Just FYI, I am two episodes behind in SPN, so... Just keep that in mind in any conversations with me, please. :-)

The last couple of days instead of doing homework I went on a massive tagging spree over at [ profile] numb3rs_het. I'm not done yet, but I fixed up the pairing tags and I've added author tags to a bunch of posts. I'm working backwards, so I still have July 2007-March 2007 to tag.

I was going to start going off about Jeremy Sisto but I need to take a shower and check my laundry so I guess I'll leave.
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Occasionally I worry that I only want to have a baby so I can dress it in adorable things. Like this swaddle blanket and cap set from the Child Health Site store.


ETA: Baby Batik Sundress!
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Good LORD, Taylor Hanson's wife is pregnant AGAIN. (I'm pretty sure that article is wrong, btw, and she's 24, not 26. Oy vey.)
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You guys.

Soap opera actor I've never heard of names his son PEANUT.

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I just discovered that I didn't have this fic listed in my master fic list or in my memories. Which is really TERRIBLE, because for all my talk of babies, I don't write that much baby!fic, so it's, like, significant when I do. And I find this fic really cute.

(It's not bad to find your own fic cute, is it?)
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So I just HAPPENED to go to a minute ago to look something up for a fic, and I saw that the most recent post there was about Diane Farr's BABY, and I just... YOU GUYS. When a PICTURE of a BABY is posted, I expect you all to TELL ME PLEASE. Y'all are fired.

But that is a CUTE little baby, isn't it! Hee.

And: "I make all his baby food," Farr says. !! I like that. I would sort of like to read a whole article about what, exactly, she makes him.
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Ahh, I'm so glad I don't have any more school until TUESDAY. I arranged to study with a couple of my Spanish classmates on Sunday, so unfortunately I cannot spend the entire weekend slacking off like I'd originally hoped. SIGH.

[ profile] mercilynn, I got your Valentine. *beams* Thank you, darling, it's lovely!

And Cute Girl in Spanish class gave me a box of conversation hearts. :-)

Ahh, I'm running on a smoothie, a truffle, and one of [ profile] elysium1996's amazing chocolate/caramel-covered pretzel sticks. So I'm a little tired and hungry.

OH. That made me think of kids throwing tantrums and THAT reminded me that I hadn't mentioned something very cool here. Guess who is pregnant?? (not me). My drum teacher's girlfriend! I'm excited.
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Quick Numb3rs fic rec: Good Morning by [ profile] math888 (rated G, 250 words, babyfic). CUTE.

I got to play with babies tonight, which was tons of fun. :-) I also got to have a chat with [ profile] mercilynn about babies and baby daddies and the cooking skills thereof. Ha.

[ profile] numb3rs_newyear fics are being posted tomorrow, and I'm very excited. When they're posted, I want you all to go read them and tell me which one I wrote. Because I think it's obvious, but I want to make sure. (And hey, there are a couple people participating who I don't know! Maybe they have styles exactly like mine! That would be something.)

I keep seeing the [ profile] numb3rs100 Rewind prompts listed and I want to, like, write ANOTHER series for them. It's ridiculous. I just really LIKE these prompts. And I actually wrote a drabble for "room key" back in the day that I never posted, so now I keep thinking I should use the other ones to make a series. Or, yeah, I actually have a couple other very very vague ideas. *sigh* (I'm not actually going to write them. I might study for my math test, though! Haha.)

Finally, uh, I don't really know the etiquette for this, but I was nominated at [ profile] numb3rs_awards, so, you know... Thanks, to whoever was responsible for that. :-)

And, okay, yeah, I'm going to bed now so I don't fall asleep in class tomorrow.

Oh SHIT, I just thought of an awesome way to make a Rewind series. Damn it. Or maybe it wouldn't work. *ponders*
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I got an e-mail from Amazon the subject line of which is: " Invites You Back for Fabulous Baby Savings." I want a fabulous baby! *cough* Actually, I've been thinking I should tone down the baby stuff, 'cause I'm starting to get a reputation. :-P (But seriously, have you seen the baby Halloween costumes at Amazon? OMG. So cute.)

This is my newest icon. *points* I got it last night because I was posting Terry fic and none of my other icons were appropriate. [ profile] elysium1996 made fun of me and I told her it's like buying new shoes to go with a new dress. ;-)

Speaking of fic, I think Tonight is one of my favorite things I've written. It makes me want to write more Terry. [ profile] star_dancer54 mentioned doing mininano, which is 100 words (or more, you can decide) a day, and I just realized that I have a Don/Terry plot bunny that perhaps I could write. \o/

I had a dream about [ profile] emmademarais last night, but I think I based her appearance on a woman I saw at the coffee shop yesterday. O.o

Oh, my Spanish presentation is tomorrow. I should work on that sometime. Yes.

Hey, Halloween Frank Iero's birthday is Wednesday! I'm not going to dress as anything, but I'm thinking of finding some colored hairspray or something and putting streaks in my hair. What about you guys? Costumes? Parties? SPN marathons?

'Scuse me while I grab some candy breakfast.


Oct. 24th, 2007 11:19 pm
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You GUYS. Lookit my ICON. And then try to guess how much I love [ profile] mercilynn right now for making it for me! (Hint: a LOT.) :-D
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Free coffee shop wireless is not conducive to schoolwork, as it turns out! It's more conducive to, uh, hanging out on LJ and talking about Colby Granger. OOPS.

If you feel like laughing at me, BTW, I just interrupted myself in a comment to [ profile] mustangcandi to tell her about the cute baby in the coffee shop. *facepalm*

Now. Who wants to write my essay? I have no fucking clue what to write, and it's due on Tuesday. *cries*

ETA: I may be crushing on the coffee shop guy a little bit. He reminded me of Matt Saracen just now, helping a blind lady sit down at my table. *sigh*


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