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So, it's true that a lot of the time I think Jensen is kind of funny looking. (Not in a BAD way, and he's far from ugly, obviously, but I don't always find him... sexy.) That did not stop me from, you know, gasping in joy when I saw these newly released 2006 Michael Muller pictures. This one is my favorite, I think. Maybe.

slightly big, so I'll put it under a cut )

I do have a special fondness for the first one posted at that link, though, because I love California poppies. :-D
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I have this terrible habit of going to the Jensen Ackles IMDb board. It's like a morbid curiosity of exactly how batshit insane his fans can get. (The answer is "VERY.")

Haha. I was going to talk about something else embarrassing but it was too much. CARRY ON.
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In honor of [ profile] mercilynn's 23rd birthday, here's a picspam (or three)!

Part One: 23 pictures of Jensen! )

Part Two: Jared | Part Three: JSquared


Jan. 17th, 2008 08:59 pm
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video embedded heeeere )

COWBOY JENSEN, y'all. God, there are so many things about this video that kill me. Especially that sound he makes right around second 30. NGH.

(You guys, [ profile] mercilynn and I are IM-fighting over whether Lance Bass is hot or not. I feel like I'm in 7th grade again. HALP.)

ETA: I am in the "not" corner, btw.
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Funniest post I've read at [ profile] weepingcock in a long time.

*wipes away tears of laughter*

I really need to get my paper done tonight. It's really not done right now. :-( :-( :-( I keep looking at bad porn and pictures of Jensen Ackles. (I can't help but agree with everyone in that post who says TIH sucks. Especially [ profile] janehex, who said, "ouch that clip was painfully chock full of hackneyed dialogue and lame cliches. cringe." I do not get why people think this movie is well-written! It's a mystery to me! When I went to see it in Santa Cruz, there was a Q&A afterwards, and some Jensen fangirl woman in the audience said to the writer, "Do you have any more screenplays? Because, wow, if they're anything like this, you're gonna be really successful!" and I sat there going BZWUH?) (Also, somebody in the comments mentioned how Jensen's character is completely ruined at the end of the movie, which, ugh, yes.)

Also, the first [ profile] fluffandfold fic has been posted. I am not going to read it yet! *bites lip* REALLY.
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Man, I could watch Jensen Ackles give simulate a blowjob ALL DAY. Haha.

Ten Inch Hero clip.

TBH, that was one of the many scenes I didn't find as funny as most other people seemed to, but still. Simulated blowjob. And Danneel Harris! TIH has a whole new dimension now that I can watch them together. It's adorable. :-)

I have a test today, guys! I need to go study. See you later. :-)
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Under the cut: a nearly ten minute video montage of Jensen Ackles kissing girls.

there's really nothing else for me to say here )
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You know it's true love when he says "she's good people" when asked about his girlfriend. *loves*

ETA: Also, there are still two spots open in this post, if you want me to send you something. :-)
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Because we were talking about West Side Story in the [ profile] n3_slashchat tonight...:

Jensen )
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Fuuuuck, it's cold. Er--

Está muy frío! Yo voy a tener un examen de Español a 1:00. Yo tengo que estudiar (mucho, mucho!!)

I didn't really study last night, but chatting with [ profile] neur0vanity, [ profile] paraka, [ profile] munchkinofdoom and [ profile] irena_adler was probably a lot more fun. :-) I'll be... sure to tell my teacher that. :-/

Anyway, I do have a few hours to study right now, so I'mma go get dressed, grab something to eat (maybe something WARM, OMG. And, okay, anybody not in CA is going to laugh at me now, but it's like 50 degrees! BRR.) and then go study.

Tonight is SPN! and The Office! \o/ I hope you guys all have a good day. :-)

ETA: OH. I remember what I wanted to post. Hold on a minute... Okay, so the other day [ profile] frances_veritas posted this crazy huge Jensen picspam and I rediscovered one of my favorite things about Jensen.

He wears the same clothes over and over again, for years )

Sometime I should do a picspam of that one style of Levi's shirt that he owns in like three colors. Ha.
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Why are there only like three posts on my flist this morning? :-( Are you guys trying to, I don't know, make me do my schoolwork? HMMM...

Anyway, I checked out [ profile] dean_sam just now and found this ooold interview with Jensen which cracked me up because he is SUCH A DORK in it. It's kind of ridiculous, in fact.

Under a cut because it's a little big. )

Yeah. (Haha, I'm wondering how many new RPS stories will feature that celery/carrot thing...)
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[ profile] ckll posted this picture at [ profile] dean_sam. The sound I made when I saw it... very GASPY. :-D

Look at his ARMS and his HANDS and... yes. *dies*
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So [ profile] crazydutchgirl found some clips of the Season 2 blooper reel on YouTube and posted them at her journal: here and here. In the second one, Jensen slips when coming out of the trailer in Hollywood Babylon, and when asked, "Are you okay?" he responds...

"I'm like a cat, I always end up on all fours."

Now is the time when you tell me I'm not the only person who LAUGHED.


Aug. 22nd, 2007 08:49 pm
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I use emoticons a LOT. And I was about to ask if that annoys anybody, but then I realized I wasn't sure what I'd do if any of you said YES, so. Sorry? :-/ (oop, there I go again.)

Had school today, World Religions class. It seems like it'll be interesting. It's kind of crowded. Hm. Our first religion is Hinduism, which I know very little about, so. Yay.

I took a picture of the tree at my bus stop to post at [ profile] teh_everyday, which is a very cool new comm.

I chatted with [ profile] elysium1996 earlier, and we wrote drabbles for each other. Her prompt for me was "Colby and Megan (or Colby/Megan), water." I wrote something that I mostly like, but the first paragraph is kind of crappy, so I want to rework it before I actually post it. I might post it for "Strip" at [ profile] numb3rs100. We'll see. It was really nice to write something again finally! I have a couple of fics due on the 31st so I should, uh, probably get on that.

I have about a billion tabs open in Firefox right now. Hm. I'm tired. I need to take a shower. I have school tomorrow from 1:00-5:30. I wish my classes started earlier than they do, but oh well. At least this way I don't have to be too worried about sleeping in too long. :-)

I've been shamefully neglecting [ profile] numb3rs_het, so I'm going to start posting weekly prompts, if only just to prove that I haven't forgotten about the comm. *is ashamed* Hey, if you have any good prompt ideas, comment or e-mail me. :-D

Man, I feel like there were a ton more things I was going to say here! Huh. Oh. Well. I was thinking about posting that new-old picture of Jensen Ackles wearing glasses... you know, this one? (cut because this pic is an old personal one that was probably stolen from his buddy's webpage, and some people won't want to see it.) )

I don't know why he doesn't wear those more often. Goddamn.


May. 22nd, 2007 01:07 am
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From this post:

M: What are Jared’s qualities and flaws?

Jensen: It is really cool to work so closely with someone like him. I feel that I’ve seen him grow as an actor. He became someone very talented. He already was but I have the impression he gain in maturity. I’m really happy to have been able to be there to see that. I think I'm proud of him like a big brother could be of his little brother. Even if he shot an important number of episodes on Gilmore Girls, I’m not sure the situations he had to play really opened him up. In parallel, in the film he shot, he didn’t get the first lead role. He had the luck to work with very talented people but I think Supernatural is his first opportunity to really play like he feels. I'm one of his fans.

M: And his flaws?

Jensen: I couldn’t find any. I like him a lot.

(emphasis mine, naturally.)


I am smrt

May. 3rd, 2007 01:03 pm
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I kind of only JUST NOW realized that the Sean Patrick Flanery in Ten Inch Hero is the same as the Sean Patrick Flanery in The Boondock Saints.

And I kind of just now said "HOLY FUCK" at the realization. :-)

I know I haven't really mentioned TIH much yet. I have mixed feelings about the movie, and I'm still trying to figure out exactly how much I liked it. Overall, though, I'll say it was pretty good. It was fun.

My favorite character, though *hides from Jensen fangirls*, was NOT Priestly, it was Noah (SPF's character).

ETA: OMG, I've just read the reviews at IMDb and holy FUCK did these people watch the same movie? There are literally reviews on here calling Ten Inch Hero the BEST MOVIE EVER.

WHAT. I feel bad for these people if everything they've watched over the years has been so bad as to make this the BEST. :-/

Don't get me wrong, it was a fun movie. I gave it 6/10 stars. I would like other Jensen (and Sean!) fans to get to see it, which is making me reluctant to leave a bad review at IMDb, but I really feel like I have to write a review that is not insanely praiseworthy, because so far there is only ONE written there saying, "Enh, it's not as good as everybody's saying."
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Today is Ten Inch Hero day! Whee!

Is it weird if I am hoping Jensen is NOT there? I mean, I don't think he will be! I don't think he'd make the trip up to Santa Cruz after already going to Newport Beach, but you never know with this kid. He's just crazy enough to see his own movie twice. :-P But anyway, I kind of hope he does NOT show up because I'm really too shy to handle that sort of thing. Plus, looking at him is like looking into the sun. So.

God, how do people even work with this man? How are they not constantly DISTRACTED by his beauty? LOL.

So yeah! The movie's at 7:30 but it's a couple of hours away so we'll be leaving sometime this afternoon and spending the night afterwards. I've heard there is nudity and sex/sexual references, so I'm crossing my fingers that it won't be too awkward because, you know... my mother is going with me. *facepalm*

Oh well.


Mar. 15th, 2007 01:08 am
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I thought Rosie Perez was adorable and funny all along and then she actually asked Jensen... )

Jensen Ackles is... I can't even come up with any WORDS.


ETA: Okay, I love that after Rosie asks him, it sounds like he says )
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So [ profile] star_dancer54 posted about just having discovered "The Plight of Clownana," and it made me realize that perhaps everyone hasn't seen this short film!

Consider it an hors d'oeuvre (yes I did have to look up the spelling, shut up) of sorts to Jensen on Kimmel tonight, because as suave and cool as I'm SURE he'll be, you can watch with the knowledge that he once got his ass kicked by a guy in a testicle costume. \o/

Part One
Part Two

(Jensen's the one driving the truck, fyi. The film also features Christian Kane and Riley Smith, if you're familiar with them, and was created by a guy who I believe has been friends with Jensen since high school, Chris Dowling.)

I've watched it at least four tiems, and it never fails to make me laugh my ass off. :-)

Also, my bio test went alright. There are a few questions I know I got right, and a bunch I felt like I was just guessing on, so... we'll see. :-)

I met up with one of my lab partners after our (separate) English classes and we went and grabbed some bagels and then took them to the park where we ate and studied, with brief conversational interludes.

I got sunburned on one half of my face because of the angle of where I was sitting in relation to the sun. Oh well!

My daddy trimmed my hair this evening and got rid of all the split ends. Now it's about three inches shorter and kind of flippy. *flips hair (not really 'cause it's pinned up)* Now I just want to dye it. I was joking about dying it bright pink, as a guy in my bio class has done to his (before putting it in a kickass mohawk), and my mom was all, "At least don't do it before Grandma's birthday!"

To which I said, "OMG, I can't believe you're stifling my personal expression and creativity!!!" Hee.

If I do dye it, it'll probably be a darker shade of brown or maybe something slightly reddish. HM. (I've never dyed my hair on my own before, though--I've always had my sister or friend do it, and they're AWAY from me! *cries*)

Finally! I was chatting with [ profile] elysium1996 earlier, using my Sandra McCoy icon, and she asked who it was, and after explaining that she's Jayred's girlfriend, I told her I'd do a mini-picspam tonight. So. I'll post this now, and you can all go watch Clownana, and when you come back I'll have a new post for the picspam. :-)


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