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I have more important things to be doing (why hello, unwritten history paper due tomorrow morning! I will be with you in a minute), but I was just updating my fic Master List with my last couple of fics and it got me thinking a little.


I just wrote a whole paragraph about how over the years I have stopped writing as much slash and started writing more het and femmeslash, and I was going to posit that when I first started posting fic I hadn't found as many examples of quality het and femmeslash as I had slash, and so that was what I was following in my writing, but that now I've gotten more comfortable/confident with the idea of writing het/femmeslash well... but then when I actually went back and looked at the stories I posted in my first year of posting fic (2007), I wrote a LOT of het and femmeslash back then. But it is definitely true that I wrote a lot more slash back then than I do now, too, and I've been trying to find a way to explain that. I'm just not as into it anymore! I guess! IDK, I have a feeling there are probably some deep, difficult explanations hidden in my psyche, but I guess those will have to wait for another day.

And then of course there are those pairings that just come along and flip everything upside down. On that note, and for your time: getting back to the good old days of incest slash with JoBros gifs )
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Oh man, I did this "see what famous writer you write like" thing, using a few of my fics, and the first one it gave me was Douglas Adams (!), the second was Vladimir Nabokov (!!), and the third was... Dan Brown. DEPRESSING. Dan Brown, goddamn.

I tried it again with another fic just now to get rid of Dan Brown and it says James Joyce. Ooh, and now Chuck Palahniuk. Margaret Atwood. And, last one... Stephen King. I am all over the place, y'all. I mean, uh... I obviously have a DYNAMIC writing style. *cough*
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New mood theme! Coach and Mrs. Taylor plus Matt and Julie. ♥ I'm on an icon-downloading kick, too, but I haven't uploaded any new ones yet. Who knows, maybe next I'll even change my journal layout! Anything could happen!

You guys should check out the Awesome Ladies Ficathon if you haven't. There's some excellent fic in there. The kind of fic that makes me stare hopelessly at a blank document in my word processor, because I've suddenly realized that I can't write for shiiiit in comparison. Fortunately I am choosing to take this as inspiration to, you know, better myself! Rather than curl up in despair or go cry in the shower or whatever.

Okay, that is... far too much computer time for today, so I'm going to go get dressed and go outside for some fresh air.

(OH, but before I do that, did you guys watch Leverage?? So excellent.)
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If all goes according to plan, I will be posting N3 fic tomorrow! So cross your fingers for me. (Haha. You cross your fingers, and I'll break out the rum, and together we'll get this thing done!)
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[ profile] rubynye linked to this and I just signed up. Hopefully I won't regret it, haha.

Classes have started! So far so good. Lots of reading.
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So after all that angsting, I just wrote my [ profile] numb3rswriteoff fic, start to finish, in a half hour. Sweet! Now I can go to bed!
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Sooo, it is kind of frustrating to have a fic entirely written but have a crappy last line! Sigh.
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Uggghhh. My bedroom is on the west side of the house so on warm days late in the afternoon the sun beats down and it gets SO HOT in here. And I'm apparently too lazy to turn my fan on. Heh.

Got my posting date for [ profile] numb3rswriteoff. Still feeling like it was possibly a mistake to sign up, given everything else I have to write this month, but we'll see! Hopefully something great will come of it! Maybe.

ETA: It's frustrating to watch a show from 10 years ago and then go looking for fic and find a bunch of off-LJ links that no longer work. Ack! OTOH, I always forget to check delicious! I bet there's fic there.
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Okay, just gotta say, looking up putrefaction rates for the human body is not my favorite thing to do at 6:30 AM! Even if it is for a fic. (Yes, I am finally writing! Yay.)
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I signed up for Numb3rs Slash Ficathon, the theme of which is role reversal, but I signed up BEFORE thinking of a reversal and/or pairing, so since then I've been trying to figure out what to write.

Now I'm thinking about swapping Millie and Ian. Good idea, y/y?
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Drabbles, this time.

26 Numb3rs, 7 Supernatural )
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Grabbed from [ profile] dsudis:

When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

My N3 drabble WIP folder has around 30 documents in it, so I decided to stick with just my non-drabble WIPs. If you guys WANT to see bits of my drabbles, I'll make another post for those.

21 Numb3rs fics, 4 Supernatural fics, each listed with its file name and current word count. Includes gen, het, slash, femslash, a few pieces of incest and one RPF. )
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I'm sure that there have been lots of deep discussions and long books written about the reasons behind and merits of being a writer, but for me it pretty much comes down to amusing myself.

I just thought of a fic I want to write, and I only have one line in my head, but it is amusing me SO MUCH.
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Probably posting this super late on a Friday night will mean I'll get no response, but whatever, I am doing it anyway.

This is not one of those posts where I ask you for prompts and then I write them, but I am secretly hoping it will give my brain a little kick in the right direction to write... SOMETHING. Because it's been awhile. Anyway:

If you could make me write anything, what would it be?

Be as vague or detailed as you like, but I'm hoping you will think about my writing style/trends and how those would work with what you are thinking of... if that makes sense? (I.e. not just something you want to see written but something you would want to see written by me.)

(This post brought to you by my reading through the comments at that Anonymous Writing Feedback Meme but not wanting to actually post my name. Haha.)
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Sorry for the double-post, but. You know how, like... there's some bad fanfic on LJ, and then there's a lot of bad fanfic on, and a LOT of bad fanfic on Well, I had forgotten about its existence, but my FAVORITE place for bad fanfic is the IMDb message boards. For example: His unknown daughter, Ch. 1 at the Joe Jonas board. (Confession: one reason this is hilarious to me is that this is TOTALLY the exact type of awful fic I would write about 'N Sync when I was 10. Fantastic.)

I had a story I was writing where JC broke his leg and so (OBVIOUSLY) the band decided to temporarily replace him, but for some reason--i.e. because I needed a Mary Sue--they replaced him with a woman. She just happened to be an ex-girlfriend of JC's (hahaha, oh god) and I THINK there was a secret pregnancy involved but I can't remember! In any case, in the story I think maybe there was something going on between her and Justin... but also something with JC? idek. OH. And I don't remember what her name was, but her initials were ALSO JC. ISN'T THAT CLEVER? Oh man.

I hope you guys appreciate the level of TRUST involved in my confessing that to you.
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Threesomes are so hard to write! there are all these... logistics... But I think I have it figured out.

this post brought to you by a glass of red wine on an empty stomach.

(YES, this is regarding that David/Megan/Colby thing I've been working on for like a year. I swear it will be finished sometime.)

(Also, I wrote 450 words of David/Liz tonight. There was kissing involved. \o/)
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YOU GUYS. [ profile] numb3rs_newyear fics have been posted and the one written for me is AMAZING. I haven't figured out who wrote it, but they must know me or stalk me or SOMETHING because it is CHOCK FULL OF THINGS I LOVE. ♥ SO, go read it: Special of the Day (Don/Coop, PG-13) by ~Anonymous~.

And then when you are done with that, check out the other fics and see if you can figure out which one I wrote. :-D
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Fuck, man, I am cutting it so close to the edge with this [ profile] numb3rs_newyear fic. I'm pretty sure [ profile] littlemimm must hate me at this point. *facepalm* But as long as I figure out some way to stay AWAKE, I will definitely finish it tonight. I think. DEFINITELY.

And then no more fic deadlines, thank God.

I made cupcakes today! They are delicious.
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I'm trying to write David/Nikki, and I have almost 600 words of SOMETHING, but it's pretty much gen with flashes of Nikki teasing David about dating COLBY, which... is not quite what I was aiming for. I don't even know.

ETA: Aaalso, completely unrelatedly: Generally I find paparazzi shots of celebrities with their kids pretty creepy, but I LOVE seeing pictures of Joel Madden/Nicole Richie with their daughter. SO CUTE. Technically still creepy, but also cute.
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I think someone should invent a sexier word for nipples. :-/

In completely related news, I am very much hoping to get this Colby/Liz fic finished and posted tonight. *crosses fingers* So far it's the longest thing I've written in almost a year, which is nice.


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