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There's a poll at E!Online in which Supernatural and Community are up against each other for Best TV Show of 2010. (My loyalties have shifted such that I voted for Community, obviously.) Right now it's at Community 49.4% and SPN 50.6%, so I suppose it's ~anybody's game~ although I'm pretty sure SPN fans are a lot crazier than Community ones. Anyway, the point of this post is that I scrolled down to check out the comments on the poll and once again was startled at how fucking SRS BSNS this kind of thing is to some people. Yikes.

But my blueberry pancakes turned out tasty. :-)
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Oh, Fandoms. Sometimes people take it way too far.

Yay, for pancakes.
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LOLOL. SPN fandom continues to scare me on a regular basis :p

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... yay blueberry pancakes!